Will Ferrell Gets ‘Wild’, Eats Eyeballs

Sunday, May 31, 2009
By Kevin Crossman

Will Gets Wild 

Will Gets Wild

Will Ferrell is promoting Land of the Lost with an appearance on Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel this Tuesday, June 2nd at 10 pm. Will traveled to the tundra of Sweden with host Bear Grylls and attempted to survive in the wild (well, at least as much as you can when you’re being followed by a camera crew). Contrary to published reports, Will did not drink his own urine, however he did eat an eyeball!

There’s a pretty funny preview available and I have to say the idea of Will Ferrell cracking jokes about his mortality reminds me of that death-by-hangglider rumor that spread a couple years ago. That was fun and this looks fun too.


Will Ferrell would like me to remind you that Land of the Lost is in theatres June 5th.

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