David Cross Slams ‘Year One’ Costar Paul Rudd

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
By Kevin Crossman

In what surely is shocking news to many fans of David Cross over the years, he was being interviewed and did not have nice things to say when he was asked about his Year One costar Paul Rudd. Rudd and Cross play Biblical brothers Cain and Abel and you’d think they would have had a good time on the set. Apparently, Cross thinks otherwise.

Watch the video for the full and honest truth…

Paul Rudd, Jack Black, and David Cross

Paul Rudd, Jack Black, and David Cross

7 Responses to “David Cross Slams ‘Year One’ Costar Paul Rudd”

  1. Whyyyyyy does mtv have to block canadians from viewing stuff like this? Anyone have a link to a video that the rest of the world can see?

  2. Kevin Crossman

    Sorry for teasing you…

  3. Jon

    bah stupid copyrights and such haha

  4. I was expecting some tremendous backlash with this…but instead I laughed. Cheers.

  5. Stephen

    Obviously he was having a bit of fun. Cain vs. Abel. Get it?

  6. Jill

    Hahahaha….good stuff!

  7. Dylan

    yeah it is blatantly a gag, why does mtv feel the need to create tension..damn media. anyway why is paul rudd uncredited in this movie? is it because his part is a cameo? if you can call it that..it is a heavy plot point.


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