Leslie Mann Calls Jennifer Aniston’s Butt “Perfect”

Friday, July 31, 2009
By Kevin Crossman
"Just give her a little tap on her tushie"

"Just give her a little tap on her tushie"

I know. This is the kind of hard-hitting journalism you’ve come to expect here at The Tribute. But, not only does this post remind you to go see Leslie Mann’s new film (Funny People, opening in theatres today!), we do get a little “Sorority Sister” cross linking happening.

Mann appeared Wednesday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and told a story about attending the Oscar ceremony with her husband Judd Apatow. She was seated behind Jennifer Aniston and wanted to see if all those tabloid photos of Jen in a thong were retouched or not. ”Her butt looks so perfect,” Mann says. “I just can’t believe anybody’s butt looks that good. I thought they must have retouched it.”

So, when the next standing ovation came, Mann stayed in her chair to admire Aniston’s posterior. ”I was sitting right behind her,” Mann explains. “I got a perfect view of every angle of her butt, and it’s perfect. The magazines don’t even do her justice.”

Aniston’s behind has been a featured part of many of her films, including this spring’s underappreciated indie comedy, Management. Frat Pack fan also remember Jennifer’s behind from the “Telly Savalas” scene from The Break-Up, and the love scene in Along Came Polly.

Here’s the clip from Jimmy Fallon.

3 Responses to “Leslie Mann Calls Jennifer Aniston’s Butt “Perfect””

  1. Ron

    I would love to rim jennifer’s butthole

  2. Kevin Crossman

    This comment is awfully profane and I though a while before approving. But the comment was also extremely funny, so I’m gonna approve the post. Best wishes with the rest of your tossed salad fantasy!

  3. Mark Newbold

    Kevin, I applaud your editorial choices as I too found the previous comment most hilarious, with a hint of truth about it.


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