Stiller Praises ‘Tropic Thunder’ Music Video

Sunday, August 9, 2009
By Kevin Crossman
Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller


I’m a big fan of Tropic Thunder of course, but also The Crystal Method’s “The Name Of The Game (The Crystal Method’s Big Ass T.T. Mix)” used on the soundtrack. In fact, this song was my third most listened to song of 2008

Now, thanks to social networking technology, I’ve found a fan video that integrates the music in the remix, along with clips from the movie where the dialogue snippets were culled. And, the video reference comes not from a Frat Pack fan, but Ben Stiller himself.

I just saw this on youtube– thanks for doing that — I really thought it was cool. 

We got the Crystal Method to do a remix of “Name of The Game” just for the movie, which was really exciting for me. I got to go their studio and see how they do it. Big fan of theirs.

Ben Stiller on Facebook

So, here’s the incredible fan video.

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