Ben Stiller to Appear on ‘Man vs. Wild’

Sunday, August 16, 2009
By Kevin Crossman
Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller

Following Will Ferrell who appeared on the survivalist show Man vs. Wild, host Bear Grylls indicated in an interview that Ben Stiller will appear on the show later this year.

Do you have plans to take other celebrities on adventures? Yeah, we have. We are actually doing one with Ben Stiller at the end of this year. And I really would love to invite Demi Moore to do one. I think she would just be brilliant. Having done her G.I. Jane movie, I think people would really love to see her. I’d reach out and see if she would ever consider it.

Where are you taking Ben? That’s confidential.

How about the Focker Islands? (Laughs)

How did the trip with Ben get arranged? I met him. He’s a friend of Will’s, and he likes the show, and he loved the one with Will and I said, “Well listen, why don’t we try and do it?” And he said ok.”

Presumably the episode with Ben Stiller won’t air until 2010.

Thanks to tipster Jenny.


3 Responses to “Ben Stiller to Appear on ‘Man vs. Wild’”

  1. So where does this place Bear on the Circle of Trust?

  2. yeah the ben stiller episode will be on February 3, 2010 episode! There is a full schedule for Man vs. Wild 2010 at this site called and thats how i keep track of eveything bear grylls!

  3. Zman

    Apparently it wasn’t on Feb, 3, 2010. . .


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