‘Arrested’ Script Officially Being Written

Sunday, October 4, 2009
By Rick Duran

On the next Arrested Development...

After a year’s worth of will-they or won’t-they (and by “they,” we mean Michael Cera), we now have word that the script is being written for the Arrested Development movie. Series creator Mitchell Hurwitz and co-executive producer Jim Vallely are currently writing the film adaptation’s screenplay, while they also prepare a new Fox series for Arrested co-star Will Arnett. The Hollywood Reporter also reveals that the film could begin production as early as next Spring.

Much of Cera’s rumored ambivalence circled around the quality of the script.  At this year’s  Sundance Film Festival, Cera stated the film was “more hypothetical than people think” without an actual script for him to consider.  Just a few weeks ago, Arnett stated that his new series for Hurwitz had taken priority over the movie for a few months. But now the Hollywood Reporter confirms that the movie and series are being developed simultaneously.

As for Arrested headliner Jason Bateman? You can catch him in Couples Retreat with Vince Vaughn this Friday, and in The Invention of Lying in theaters now.

Nerdy useless trivia: on the Knocked Up DVD commentary, Judd Apatow calls Arrested screenplay co-writer Jim Vallely one of the funniest comedy writers around.

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