‘Green Hornet’ Pushed Back to Get 3D Refresh

Thursday, April 22, 2010
By Kevin Crossman
Seth Rogen in Green Hornet

Seth Rogen in Green Hornet

Seth Rogen’s superhero action film Green Hornet will be pushed back three weeks, according to Deadline.com. The film was previously set for a December 22 holiday release and will now launch on January 13 with 3D enhancements similar to this spring’s Clash of the Titans.

There have been rumors that Sony has not been happy with the Michel Gondry film that some skeptics have always viewed as a risk with cast-against-type Rogen as the lead. According to Deadline, this represents a “doubling down” on the film, not lack of confidence. But, the Christmas holiday box office season is very lucrative so Sony must be hoping they can launch the title weeks later after the holiday hits are fading.

Ironically, the template for this release may not be action films such as Clash of the Titans but last January’s comedy smash, Paul Blart: Mall Cop. That film opened with $31.8 million and eventually earned $146 million domestically. The film also effectively killed the box office for the similarly themed (but much darker) Observe and Report starring none other than Seth Rogen.

December is still a crazy time for Frat Pack fans, with the Owen Wilson/Paul Rudd/Reese Witherspoon dramedy How Do You Know set for release on December 17, and Ben Stiller’s Little Fockers and Gulliver’s Travels (Jack Black / Jason Segel) still set for December 22.

3 Responses to “‘Green Hornet’ Pushed Back to Get 3D Refresh”

  1. Nathan

    NO! NO! NO! NO! I was looking forward to seeing this as soon as possible, we’re going to bring in a new year before we see this….

  2. John Avs

    the 3D upconversion sucks! Why don’t they just release it! We’ve waited too long!

  3. Rick

    Jeff Wells of Hollywood-Elsewhere is reporting that Sony is having some action sequences reshot & rewritten for “comprehension issues.”



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