Jennifer Aniston Joining Paul Rudd for Wain/Apatow Comedy

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
By Kevin Crossman
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

How do you know that you’ve hit the big time as a comedy actor? Awards? Accolades? How about getting Jennifer Aniston to costar in your movie.  Welcome to the big time, Paul Rudd.

Deadline is reporting that Jennifer Aniston will costar with Paul Rudd in Wanderlust for Universal Pictures. Judd Apatow will produce and David Wain (Role Models, The Ten) will direct from a script by Wain and regular writing partner Ken Marino. Aniston and Rudd will play a married couple trying to escape the trappings of the city life for a counterculture existence. Filming is expected to start this fall.

Aside from costarring in a series of films opposite guys named Stiller, Vaughn, Wilson, Carrey, and Harrelson, Aniston is currently filming Just Go With It opposite Adam Sandler and has The Switch set for release this summer with Jason Bateman.

We’re kind of making a big deal about this, as it illustrates Paul Rudd’s rise to A-list status. Plus, we happen to be huuuge Jennifer Aniston fans. With all due respect to Leslie Mann, Elizabeth Banks, and Christine Taylor, I think Aniston is the top of the class when it comes to leading ladies with the Frat Pack. Aside from the movie roles you’re likely familiar with, I also happen to think she did a great job with Jack Black on the Oscars a couple years ago. To which I say… Will Ferrell, what are you waiting for?

The Aniston/Rudd pairing isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Besides appearing together on Friends, it may surprise some of you that Aniston and Rudd have costarred in a major motion picture before. Check the trailer for 1998’s Object of My Affection. This was back in the post-Clueless era when Rudd was maybe going to be the next big thing until he was sort of typecast as the gay friend. It was a label that took him at least half a decade to shake.

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