Ferrell and Wahlberg Charm in ‘The Other Guys’

Friday, August 27, 2010
By Christian Garber
Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in The Other Guys

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in The Other Guys

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Will Ferrell is back! After 2009’s disappointing flop Land of the Lost Ferrell has returned to the top of the comedic world. Alongside Will is Mark Wahlberg (Date Night). The two lead a stellar cast that includes Dwayne Johnson (Get Smart), Steve Coogan (Night at the Musuem), Samuel L. Jackson (Star Wars), Rob Riggle (Step Brothers), Eva Mendes (The Wendall Baker Story), and Michael Keaton (Herbie Fully Loaded).

Ferrel re-teams with Adam McKay (Anchorman, Step Brothers) who wrote and directed the film, and even has a small role. The story centers around two loser cops (Ferrell, Wahlberg) who go on a wild case about a famous stock broker (Coogan). On the way the two develop a friendship full of laughs.

The film returns Ferrell to king of the comedy world for at least a minute. It isn’t the best of him we have seen, but he is still great. Ferrell does very well as the sensitve number-crunching cop. He provides possibly the line of the year while reflecting on a college experience (hopefully not spoiling too much) “Gator’s bitches better be wearing jimmies!” However he does make you wonder if the film would have been funnier with an “R” rating so he could fully push some of his jokes.

Wahlberg does something we are not used to from him and turns on the funny. He is a former cop on the rise recovering from a broken heart and an embarrassing incident. He does not necessary have the funniest lines, but he is the one who gets Ferrell’s character going which makes the movie great. Scene stealer is Keaton who delivers the funniest jokes and serves well as the captain to the crazy police station.

The Other Guys may not be as funny as Anchorman or Step Brothers. It may not even be the year’s funniest comedy (Get Him to the Greek), but it symbolizes the bounce-back year after the disappointing 2009 and gives fans great excitement for the future of the Pack. It is a solid comedy.


7 Responses to “Ferrell and Wahlberg Charm in ‘The Other Guys’”

  1. Sean

    That movie stunk! Ferrel hasn’t had good luck in movies lately, but that hasn’t stopped him from being funny using other forms of media, like TV and the Internet. But he’ll bounce back!



    SICK MAN!!! haha this totally makes up for not having a star on gizmodo.
    Really well written too, wouldn’t have thought it was you if it wasn’t for “Gator’s bitches better be wearing jimmies!”

    Nice job man

  3. Chris

    Found this to be the funniest film of the year so far(can’t wait til Due Date). People act like Land of the Lost was the worst film ever made. I agree it was terrible, but it had it’s moments. The Other Guys is funnier than Talladega Nights, close to Step Brothers, and no where near the greatness of Anchorman.

    Comedies I’ve Seen:
    The Other Guys ****1/2
    Hot Tub Time Machine ***1/2
    Get Him to the Greek ***

  4. jon

    I honestly didn’t think Land of the Lost was that bad. I enjoyed it completely.

  5. Nathan

    Hot Tub Time Machine - ***
    Get Him To The Greek - ****
    Dinner For Schmucks - ****
    and I agree with Jon LOTL wasnt that bad.

  6. Lucas

    Good article, but I have to correct you on this one: It’s WendEll Baker Story, not WendAll ;).

  7. James

    Ummm fuck whoever said this movie is almost as good as step brothers and as good as talladega nights. It might have had its jokes every ounce in a while that were good but besides that it was not a laugh out loud constaantly movie that we expect from will. That being said Garber is the god of movie reviews period.


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