‘Green Hornet’ Poster Revealed

Sunday, October 17, 2010
By Kevin Crossman

Coming Soon has the one-sheet poster for Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet. But is this conceptual poster the kind of thing that will convince moviegoers to purchase tickets? Or even be excited for the film?

I don’t think so.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re still our best here at the Tribute to pimp Rogen’s foray into the superhero genre. But rather than focusing on the action we get this image with a green, you know, hornet. Green. Hornet. Clever? No…

People need to be convinced that Rogen can kick ass in the film and not just be the schlubby funnyman. At least Pineapple Express‘ poster had Rogen carrying guns and the trailer showed him executing a wire stunt to perfection. This poster, does nothing to convince moviegoers that Rogen is up for the job.

Green Hornet One Sheet

Green Hornet One Sheet

2 Responses to “‘Green Hornet’ Poster Revealed”

  1. Rick

    That’s the problem with that preview footage from last week; we know Kato can kick some ass. But when can we see something showing that the Green Hornet is more than the schlub from Pineapple Express?

  2. Pru

    Oh shoot, I just checked the other post with the footage and it looks like they’ve taken it down. I missed it, wish I could see it now. I already have some awareness of the film without the poster having seen the trailer, so it doesn’t really say anything to me one way or the other. Still, if judging by posters alone, I’d still see this film over The Dilemma, which is opening the same week. That poster is beyond dull. This one at least has some snap to it.


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