First Look at ‘Tower Heist’; Cast Expands with Familiar Faces

Friday, November 5, 2010
By Kevin Crossman
Ben Stiller in Tower Heist

Ben Stiller in Tower Heist

Here’s your first look at Ben Stiller in the upcoming Brett Ratner action/comedy, Tower Heist. The photo comes from FanCarpet and shows Stiller in a familiar but always funny panic.

The cast of the film has expanded with familiar faces too. According to Deadline, Michael Pena (Observe and Report) and  Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) have joined the cast. Also coming on board are a couple actors familiar to fans of Stiller’s late 1990’s cinematic projects. Matthew Broderick, star of Stiller’s The Cable Guy, is now on board. Also appearing is Stiller’s Flirting with Disaster costar Tea Leoni. Previously announced stars include Eddie Murphy and Alan Alda.

I’m not the biggest fan of either Broderick or Leoni, but I am warming to Pena after his performances in Observe and this season of Eastbound & Down. Sidibe would seem to be an odd choice for those who are familiar with her Oscar-nominated turn in Precious. But she’s done great comedy work as a host on SNL and in The Big C on Showtime.

Additional reporting by Christian Garber

7 Responses to “First Look at ‘Tower Heist’; Cast Expands with Familiar Faces”

  1. Chris

    I am really only excited to see Stiller. When this comedy was announced I was hoping for Owen Wilson, maybe Bill Hader & Jason Sudeiks, and some fresh up and coming comedy stars. They have basically filled the cast with actors I could not care less about.

  2. jj

    Personally, I am thrilled that Broderick is in this movie. I feel that Stiller owes him one because of the God awful Cable Guy fiasco. Stiller allowed Carey to run wild to the point of absurdity.

  3. Kevin Crossman

    See, that’s where we really disagree, JJ. I’m not thrilled about Broderick… but I also don’t think Cable Guy was a fiasco. That is still an awesome and really underappreciated movie.

  4. Jon

    I love cable guy!

  5. Rick Duran

    I have to agree that once Eddie Murphy signed on, I was excited, expecting this to be a comedy all-star project. There was a huge “Who’s next?” buzz going on. But now, seeing the full ensemble, my interest is lower. Not saying this cast won’t be funny (especially Michael Pena, who was fantastic in Eastbound & Down and Observe & Report), but I was selfishly hoping this would be a potential Frat Pack allstar project.

  6. Mario

    Yeah, Stiller owes Broderick nothing. I’d say Cable Guy is awesome despite Broderick’s bland involvement.

    Peña is in Will Ferrell’s indie pic Everything Must Go, which I caught at the London Film Festival. He was very good in it, playing it completely straight, not making a single joke. He’s a cop and Will’s best friend.

    Everything Must Go is the best film I’ve seen in a long time, BTW. It’s not going to garner much attention or earn any money at the box office, nor will it win any awards (it’s slated for a spring release), but I thought it was a great little movie, and Will is as good as I’ve ever seen him, blending his comedic and dramatic sensibilities to perfection. His best role yet, hands down.

  7. Chris

    I liked The Cable Guy, but definitely not enough to own it. I think its highly underrated, but I agree that Jim Carrey just went a little to wild.


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