Wilson and Sudeikis Headline ‘Hall Pass’ Trailer

Friday, November 5, 2010
By Rick Duran
Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson in 'Hall Pass'

Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson in 'Hall Pass'

Owen Wilson and SNL star Jason Sudeikis are in full buddy comedy mode in the new trailer for the Farrelly Bros’ Hall Pass. The two play married men (Wilson married to The Office’s Jenna Fischer, Sudeikis married to Anchorman’s Christina Applegate) given a one-week “hall pass”, a ticket to no-consequence  freedom.

The film appears to be shooting for an R-Rated buddy comedy tone, clearly taking its vibe from recent hits like Wedding Crashers and Role Models. Owen Wilson has his usual half-awake straight man routine, while this trailer seems like it could actually be a breakthrough vehicle for Sudeikis, who is in full 100mph Old School/Wedding Crashers Vince Vaughn mode.

Hall Pass, which opens February 25th, 2011, could be a much-needed comeback for the Farrelly Brothers whose 1990s domination has been tarnished with a 2000s cold streak following flops like Stuck on You, Fever Pitch and the Heartbreak Kid.

The film is one of seven upcoming films for Owen Wilson, five of which will be released in 2011, making this the potentially biggest period of his career. Sudeikis, who is nearing the 7th year in his SNL tenure, could also have a career-changing 2011, playing one of the leads in July’s all-star comedy Horrible Bosses, rumored to be next year’s breakout hit.

'Hall Pass' Poster

'Hall Pass' Poster

19 Responses to “Wilson and Sudeikis Headline ‘Hall Pass’ Trailer”

  1. Jack

    That chloroform joke is fantastic! I nearly pissed my self… wait, I did! Brilliance! Could the Farrelly brothers be back on the right track?

  2. Benjamin

    I like the trailer but the poster does nothing for me. I like seeing steven merchant in there :D funny bastard. I’m also getting a real Ed Helms vibe from Sudeikis, albeit a far more crude Helms.

  3. Jack

    Is this gonna be shown before Due Date? Hilarious BTW

  4. Kevin Crossman

    With regards to Owen’s upcoming 2011 releases, remember too that his 2010 films will be released in the last two weeks of the year. So, both films will do considerable business in 2011.

  5. Kevin Crossman

    >Is this gonna be shown before Due Date? Hilarious BTW

    If they’re smart it will…

  6. Josh Watts

    Oh, this looks great!

  7. Rick Duran

    I’d assume it is going before Due Date since both are from Warner Bros (WB owns New Line which is releasing Hall Pass)

  8. Jon

    this trailer increased my interest big time.

  9. Chris

    this looks pretty good. I’ve heard great things about Wilson and Sudeikis’ chemistry. I hope they release a red band trailer.

  10. Chris

    forgot to add. Sudeikis is gonna be a huge name in comedy soon. Remember he also has “Horrible Bosses” coming out later next year with Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jennifer Aniston

  11. Kevin Crossman

    Sudekis didn’t add much to Bounty Hunter. Just sayin’.

  12. Rick

    His Season 1 arc on 30 Rock was really good though. Before they made his character crazy and sent him off to get married, I thought he had some Leading Man potential based on that arc alone.

  13. Kevin Crossman

    I guess I’m the only one who didn’t hate Fever Pitch? The Heartbreak Kid had it’s moments… at least until act 3.

  14. Al

    Something about the poster seems like they get a week off from marriage…to be with each other.

    Trailer looks good.

  15. Josh Watts

    I liked Fever Pitch.

  16. Chris

    Fever Pitch was below average for me. Nothing special at all about it. If I was from Boston maybe I would have liked it but I did not like it. It did not feel like a Farrelly Bros. comedy. I loved Stuck on You, There’s Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber(maybe the funniest movie ever), and Kingpin, but of late their films have been crap.

  17. Kevin Crossman

    Funny comment, Al. Nice one.

  18. Rick

    Fever Pitch was probably the best out of the Farrelly’s down period. It’s not bad, fairly enjoyable actually, it’s just a little on the bland side. It’s fine for a TNT Sunday afternoon movie, but doesn’t deliver the goods we’re used to from the Farrelly Bros.

    Heartbreak Kid could’ve been so much better if not for that atrocious third act. Once it goes the “Born in East LA” route of sneaking back into the country, it fails miserably.

  19. Al

    Thanks, Kevin. Who knows what’s going on behind that “Hall Pass” banner?

    I liked Heartbreak Kid. I liked it even better because my aunt showed it to her church band at a party thinking “oh it’s good ol’ Ben Stiller from Meet the Parents.” Awkward.


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