Oscar Buzz for Paul Rudd?

Saturday, November 13, 2010
By Rick Duran
Paul Rudd in 'How Do You Know'

Paul Rudd in 'How Do You Know'

From the moment we saw the trailer, it was clear Paul Rudd carries the emotional weight in How Do You Know. Now Hollywood-Elsewhere blogger Jeff Wells shares the following comment from one of his readers:

“The guy who delivers the goods is Paul Rudd. This will raise his profile to the A-list. This is a guaranteed Best Supporting Actor nomination.”

The early review says the film overall may not be strong enough for a 5-category Best Picture nomination, but could sneak in a 10-film race like last year’s. Here is the full review posted this morning on Hollywood-Elsewhere:

What I saw started a little slow, but really picks up steam midway through and ends strong. In a five-slot race I wouldn’t give it much chance at a Best Picture nomination, but with 10 slots…who knows?

Reese Witherspoon is a little hard to warm to at first, but is fine; and Owen Wilson plays to his strengths, although I never really bought him as a $14 million-a-year pitcher — we never see him on the mound. And Jack Nicholson is Jack–with one huge laugh-out-loud Jack moment in the movie’s ‘money’ scene inside a hospital room.

“All in all, if I’m grading on a curve, I’d give it an A-minus. I liked it much more than As Good As It Gets, but not as much as Terms of Endearment or (my favorite Brooks film) Broadcast News.”

Ranking a notch above As Good As It Gets (which scored acting Oscars for Nicholson and Helen Hunt) is a pretty strong endorsement, in addition to the kudos for Rudd. The character played by Rudd should offer a wide range, a man under federal indictment for fraud, while falling in love with a woman (Witherspoon) already in a relationship with a professional baseball player (Wilson.)

How Do You Know, which is currently editing out a scene with profanity after being denied its appeal for a PG-13 rating, opens nationwide December 17th.

For more information on the film, visit its official website: www.howdoyouknow-movie.com

5 Responses to “Oscar Buzz for Paul Rudd?”

  1. Kevin Crossman

    EW has Rudd in the long shot list for Best Actor in their latest issue. Supporting would be less competitive this year.

  2. Gonçalo

    “How Do You Know, which is currently editing out a scene with profanity after being denied its appeal for a PG-13 rating, opens nationwide December 17th.” - bummer

  3. Chris

    I think Rudd has a better shot at getting into the Best Actor category than Supporting Actor. Supporting Actor is basically guaranteed to either Christian Bale or Geoffrey Rush. And Rudd would also have to battle Jeremy Renner, Matt Damon, and Sam Rockwell for a spot, which is a huge long shot. For best Actor, there’s two guarantee nominees(Colin Firth and James Franco(YAY!)). Then Jesse Eisenberg is probably gonna get a nom, but after that it’s a toss up between a variety of actors for 2 spots.

    I really want to see Rudd get a nomination. If he got one, we could possibly have James Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, and Paul Rudd all up for an Oscar and possibly for the same one.

  4. Kevin Crossman

    The issue is that when you’re in a “comedy” it is usually easier to score a supporting node (see: RDJ in Tropic Thunder), especially if you’re a man.

  5. Chris

    Jack Nicholson won best actor for James L. Brooks(same director) As Good as It Gets, which was a comedy.


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