Time to Start Thinking about Frat Pack Man of the Year

Thursday, November 25, 2010
By Kevin Crossman

This is an email conversation between Senior Editor Rick Duran and myself. Who do you think should be in heavy consideration for Frat Pack Man of the Year?


Frat Pack Man of the Year?

Frat Pack Man of the Year?

With The Other Guys and Megamind I think a by the numbers analysis probably has Will Ferrell as Man of the Year, with Carell jockeying for a strong runner-up.

I was thinking Owen Wilson could sneak in, but now that Tom O’Neil said How Do You Know is campaigning him as Supporting Actor at the Globes with Rudd as the lead, he might not have the weight for a last minute slide to home plate.


I don’t know about Ferrell. Box Office wise I don’t know how he pulls ahead of Carell who had a much bigger animated hit with Despicable Me (while being the sole voice “draw”) and two medium sized hits with Date Night and Dinner for Schmucks (including one with a Frat Pack star).

I still think Owen has a chance (though as you pointed out 2011 is more his year). And I still think Rudd does too (of course, I might be the only person who thought Dinner for Schmucks was 5 stars).

I’d throw Jonah Hill into the mix. He’s great in Megamind, and he had a good supporting turn in the Dragons movie and did good work headlining in the two live-action films this summer (Cyrus and Get Him to the Greek). He’s be the provocative pick for sure.


This will be interesting to see what the readers think. Ferrell will have the home-court advantage of being in the movie most people saw. Carell was ubiqitous for the 1st half of the year, and definitely came back strong after being absent the prior year (not to mention the huge Office buzz, maybe being the 2nd biggest TV story of the year after the Tonight Show fallout.)

But you know what? You’re absolutely right about Jonah. Post-Superbad, he took a backseat in a lot of supporting roles. This year, he basically proved that he’s as strong as he ever was. His two live action roles have range, but not the best numbers. But I’d support a vote for him. Greek, in my opinion, is playing very well on repeat views. I enjoy more now than during its release.

Have an option on this most important issue? Chime in below.

9 Responses to “Time to Start Thinking about Frat Pack Man of the Year”

  1. Mike Rithgen

    Ferrell has to be in the running. It seems Land of the Lost was ages ago and the hype leading up to The Other Guys was massive, and it didn’t disappoint. Also with Megamind, he has two big hit movies. This can’t be said for other frat pack heavyweights like Stiller, Vaughan, Wilson and Black. Like you said; more likely to be in the running are second tier frat packers like Carell, Rudd and Hill. I loved Dinner for Schmucks. Rudd is one of my favourite actors and Carell was amazing in that too. Hill has been putting his face/voice out there a lot in solid, funny roles and could get a runner up possibly.

  2. Rick

    Box office & reviews could possibly push Paul Rudd over the top. If HDYK is a smash and he ends up carrying the whole film, he very might well have a groundswell of support.

    Also on the box office angle, Ben Stiller and Jack Black will both probably see huge numbers for Fockers and Gulliver during the last weekend of the year. Both look horrible, and the box office would be too last minute to matter, but they will benefit from a lot of people seeing their films.

    December will be a massive deciding factor. HDYK and Fockers could be huge gamechangers. Rudd and Wilson could shift this race massively.

  3. Jack

    I thought Stiller was the best he’s been in years with Greenberg earlier this year.

  4. tom P

    haha how about Luke Wilon in Middle Men and AT&T ads?

  5. Christian Garber

    not rudd he wasn’t great in DFS and he won it last year lets not be boring.
    Will Ferrell did have The Other Guys which was great
    Jonah Hill bounced back in a huge way as well.
    My vote…Todd Phillips or Danny McBride..I know he isnt a member, but lets think about, his career came back from the dead. and he proved he wouldnt be another one hit wonder with Due Date, which he also wrote. McBride was great. I know not a lot of movies but the second season of EastBound and Down and all the promotions that went with it were enough for me.
    Now I realize they are probably long shots so I guess Steve Carrell…could be a nice tribute for his last season of The Office..

  6. Josh Watts

    Ferrell, for one main reason: topping Forbes’ overpaid actor list.

  7. Chris

    I think it’s Owen has next year bagged up already with Hall Pass and Cars 2. I’d have to give it to Ferrell this year because I think he made the funniest movie of the year.

  8. Bonnie

    While I’m anxious to give the title to Owen I must admit next year is definitely his year!!!! Although I said that about this year too, but they moved these movies releases to next year so that changes the ballgame. I can’t say how excited I am about this though. Been waiting for some Owen movies, and a big variety of them too!

    As for this year, my vote right now goes to Steve. The Office is ending and Despicable Me was awesome. Not to mention the Emmy’s have past him over every year, this would be a nice send off for him as he goes into new endeavors.

    BTW, I am having surgery on Wednesday and will probably not be around in December as I’m going to be recovering all month at my Mother’s. That means I won’t be able to see “HDYK” until at least January. Please, frat packers, do your part and go see the movie in December for me. I will be anxious to see your reviews before I go myself.

    ~Bonnie :-)

  9. Adam Pritchard

    I think the ones in the running are:

    Ben Stiller - Greenberg (****)
    Will Ferrell- The Other Guys (****), Megamind (****)
    Steve Carell- Date Night (*****), Dinner for Schmucks (****)
    Jonah Hill - Get Him to the Greek (****), Cyrus (*****), Megamind (****), How to Train Your Dragon (*****)
    Luke Wilson - Middle Men (***)

    Above I have scord all the movies out of 5 stars.
    I also think James Franco, Paul Rudd & Zach Galifianakis deserve honorable mention as they’ve all had farely big hits this year with 127 Hours, Dinner for Schmucks and Due Date.

    If I had to pick one person I would go for Jonah Hill as all the movies he’s been in this year have been great & big hits, I reckon he deserves the Frat Pack Man of the Year!


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