And the Oscar Hosts are… Franco and Hathaway?

Monday, November 29, 2010
By Rick Duran
James Franco and Anne Hathaway

James Franco and Anne Hathaway

Deadline has the exclusive scoop that producers have approached James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host the 2011 Academy Awards, and both stars may have accepted. The rumor has yet to be confirmed or denied.

Surprise pairings aren’t unexpected, as last year’s Alec Baldwin/Steve Martin combo happened after Tina Fey turned down co-hosting with Martin, while Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr also turned down co-hosting together. What is surprising is that both stars are likely nominees: Franco is consider a lock to be nominated (and lose to Colin Firth) for 127 Hours, while Hathaway has a distant chance of being nominated for her very nude performance in Love and Other Drugs. Deadline’s report on the hosting offer indicates that both stars’ publicists may have final say, depending on how realistic the chances are for either to win.

[UPDATE 10am: AMPAAS officially confirms the pair WILL be hosting]

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards air Sunday, February 27th, 2011. Franco will next be seen opposite Danny McBride in Your Highness, opening April 8th. Perhaps McBride might make a presenter appearance?

8 Responses to “And the Oscar Hosts are… Franco and Hathaway?”

  1. Kevin Crossman

    I very much applaud these efforts. Much, MUCH more relevant hosts than Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, etc. Really glad they go this done.

    Hathaway did a great job in the musical number a couple years ago and we all know Franco is adept at playing comedy in a variety of styles.

    I’d VERY MUCH like to see McBride go into faux-arrogant mode with Franco about not being named cohost. That could be funny.

  2. Chris

    I don’t understand it. Both could be nominated, Franco more likely than Hathaway. I much rather see a comedian host although Franco is somewhat of one. Danny McBride would have been awesome! He’d just rip on people the whole time, it would be great.

    I would have loved to see Conan O’Brien host, he did awesome as Emmy host.

  3. Rick

    Conan was my top choice too. Stiller would’ve been 2nd pick for me (though I’m sure availability would be the direct opposite.)

  4. Kevin Crossman

    The Oscars usually try to go with someone Film related, especially after the Letterman disaster (and, please, don’t pull Johnny Carson’s name… completely different environment in 1970s than today). So, as much as I would have liked to have seen Conan I can see why they didn’t go there.

    As for “I would rather see a comedian host” you do understand that Franco and Hathaway have been very funny in a lot of different movies? I thought Hathaway did a good job on SNL this past week, and certainly has the singing/dancing chops that Oscar tends to like.

    McBride would have brought the same “WTF did he say?” edgy danger than Russel Brand had when he hosted the MTV awards. That would have been cool, but the Oscars aren’t MTV…

  5. Al

    I also think Anne Hathaway did a great job on SNL. It was a good episode and I thought she performed well.

  6. Chris

    No, I thought Hathaway did amazing on SNL, it was possibly the best episode so far this year, just you know I rather see someone who I know will make me laugh rather than two talented people.

    Let me explain, Franco and Hathaway are spectacular actors and I believe whatever song or dance number they do they will be great at, but the thing is that I don’t want to see a song or dance number unless its going to be like Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and John C. Reilly’s from a few years back. I liked when Chris Rock and John Stewart hosted because they made me laugh. Even last year Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were a good combo. Compare that to Hugh Jackman who just sang or his opening ceremony. And lets face it, the Oscars could be a little more “manly.” I am a huge film buff, but if I was just the average guy, right after Hugh Jackman started singing I would have turned it off.

    I know the Oscars aren’t the MTV awards, but the MTV awards is more laid back and they have more fun. Can’t we have more fun at the Oscars?

  7. Rick

    I’m of the “host-should-be-a-comedian” mindset. They know how to work a room, especially talk show hosts. Most importantly, you look forward to them coming back onstage in between the long stretches.

    Having said that, the Academy could’ve done a lot worse. These two have great comedic timing. Not sure how great their chemistry might be together, but they’re both likeable people. I’m a fan of both. Not going to say either would be in my top 10 (or 20) choices, but again, they do look like a fun idea.

  8. Kevin Crossman

    If there was a Bob Hope or Carson-esque celeb I would agree, Rick. I think everyone would agree that Tom Hanks or George Clooney would be perfect, but neither would take the job.

    But I think it is high-time that the Academy chose a host under 40 (Chris Rock and Hugh Jackman were just under 40 when he hosted). I’m so sick of the revolving door of baby boomers (Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, etc.) so I’m glad they’re trying something new by going way way younger. I actually prefer Franco/Hathaway to last year’s proposed duo of Stiller/Downey. Yep… I said it.


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