Jack Black Dominates Holiday-Week Late Night

Saturday, December 25, 2010
By Rick Duran
Conan O'Brien and Jack Black

Conan O'Brien and Jack Black

Hyping the release of Gulliver’s Travels, Jack Black appeared on nearly every late night talk show (Conan, Fallon, Lopez, Letterman, Leno.) In fact, Black’s prominence was even the subject of a gag on Lopez Tonight, having host George Lopez fill out his “talk show punchcard.”

We’ve chosen two standout performances from this week, both featuring Jack dueting with Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon, respectively.

Clip#1: 6:30 minutes into the clip, Black jabs O’Brien over the legitimacy of his band compared to Tenacious D. The result is a “guitar-off” (with a little hidden help from Slash.) Fans of The D will note that final song in the medley is none other than “Master Exploder” from The Pick of Destiny.

Clip#2: Jack Black just can’t get enough of singing “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth,” this time dueting with Fallon in a musical/colorful performance art piece.

One Response to “Jack Black Dominates Holiday-Week Late Night”

  1. Kevin Crossman

    I thought the Conan bit was way way too fake. Like the special effects and posters for Gullivers Travels. Sorry, Jack. Worst part of Gulliver is that I’ve spent all weekend defending Year One to my relatives. Not a great movie but at last it had it’s moments.


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