Step Brothers: The Rap Album?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
By Rick Duran
Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in 'Step Brothers'

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in 'Step Brothers'

After recreating the Beastie Boys and Bowie/Crosby, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have planned their next musical collaboration: a Step Brothers rap album. The film’s director/co-writer Adam McKay revealed via Twitter (twice!) that the project is real and that a major name producer has come onboard the project.

Are we currently working on a Step Bros rap album? Yup.

I wasn’t kidding about Step Bros rap album. And we just found out we have a crazy big time producer. Mos Def, you up for a guest flow?

After “The Great Anchorman 2 Debacle of 2010,” McKay was quoted as saying a Step Brothers sequel might be possible, so perhaps this album is a giant move in that direction.

Ferrell and Reilly will debut (with Jack Black) as “B-Boys 2” in the Beastie Boys short film Fight for Your Right Revisited at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in 3 weeks. The duo have also been seen in promos for this year’s season of “Funny or Die Presents”, which premieres Friday, January 14th at midnight on HBO.

Until then, gotta you have your Boats n Hoes?

4 Responses to “Step Brothers: The Rap Album?”

  1. Jon

    i can’t wait to hear this haha

  2. Kevin Crossman

    Good job connecting the dots. Sadly, they didn’t make a picture when I looked at them.

  3. Nathan

    Was that Vince Vaughn screaming in the top video?

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