Apatow’s Next Film will be a ‘Knocked Up’ Sequel Focusing on Rudd/Mann Characters (Updated)

Thursday, January 6, 2011
By Kevin Crossman
Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann

Apparently this isn’t a joke.

According to Variety, Judd Apatow’s next writing/directing gig will be for a 2012 film that features the Knocked Up characters played by Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd. It is unclear if this is a sequel or prequel, though you’d think that a prequel would be hard to shoot given the age of the characters’ children from the first film, played by Apatow and Mann’s daughters.

In Knocked Up, Mann played Debbie, the older sister of the Katherine Heigl character. Rudd played Pete, the suffering husband who bonded with Seth Rogen’s character in Vegas over ‘Shrooms.  No other plot or casting details are available, and the film is expected to shoot this summer.

What do you think about this concept? Are you ready to see more of these characters?


Apatow confirmed to us that the film is not a prequel:

@ it takes place currently. Lots of fun details to it but I will keep them quiet for a little while. It comes out summer 12.

21 Responses to “Apatow’s Next Film will be a ‘Knocked Up’ Sequel Focusing on Rudd/Mann Characters (Updated)”

  1. Laura

    SO cool that Judd replied! :]

  2. Rick

    Everything about this post has me psyched!

  3. Jon

    Insane that he replied, can’t wait to hear more. Maybe you’ll be able to get a legit interview with Judd?

  4. Pru

    That’s cool he replied! :)

  5. jessi

    In the sequel they should mention that Allison, Debbie’s sister planned the baby and used Ben to have a baby with him. People in charge of the Frat Pack board tell Judd Apatow that because we want characters that are good role models. I want to start a petition for that change.

  6. Mario

    Lmfao! I have no idea what that last post means. How would using someone to have a baby make you a good role model? It would make you a dishonest person, yes. Perhaps even a horrible human being. But a role model? For who? “If you want to have a baby, little girl, go out and get a guy drunk and have unprotected sex with him.” Who would benefit from such terrible advice? How is that better than two adults hooking up because they’re drunk and horny? The only thing you can fault them for is not having used a rubber, but then there’s no movie.

    And I think they ARE good role models in the sense that they take responsibility for their actions, instead of hiding from reality.

    And saying something doesn’t alter actions in the past, does it?

    Good luck with that petition. I think you’ll find a lot of support on a site dedicated to films about guys hooking up with college girls (high school! shocking, isn’t it? Yes. Yes, it is), bridesmaids, blow-infused threesoming cheerleaders (in a pg 13 movie!), and investigatory journalists who don’t care how many lives they ruin or leave bloodied along the way.

  7. jessi

    Because at least she planned the baby. That’s better than not planning the baby.

  8. Mario

    No. It’s not. Because he did NOT plan the baby. In one scenario, she is a girl who gets horny one night, in the other one she is a conniving babymaker. Which one would you rather have bring a person into this world? Which one would you rather raise a baby with, if you’re the father? And if I’m the baby, and I get to choose which mom I get, I choose the horny mom all day.

    Planning a pregnancy does not make you a good role model. Caring for your offspring, no matter how it came into this world, does.

    The moral question aside, you can’t change a whole movie’s meaning and point by throwing in a line in a sequel.

  9. Josh Watts

    Knocked Up is my least favorite Apatow flick by far, so ugh.

  10. Chris

    Knocked Up is the best Apatow directed film. Rudd and Mann were probably the most fun in the movie, besides maybe Seth and his friends.

  11. jessi

    Her planning the baby so she doesn’t waste her time with a fat tummy. I like her planning the baby because it’s more concrete and I don’t like seeing a beautiful blond making a stupid mistake like not planning the baby. I am against ideas that are not concrete. Knocked Up is one of my favorite movies and I feel guilty about it. I didn’t feel guilty until Katherine Heigl said “I am not attending the Golden Globes because of the writer’s strike.”
    I prefer Judd Apatow movies over Hallmark movies even when the ideas are more concrete. If Judd Apatow produced a Hallmark movie is would be 10,000 times better.
    Here is my idea for Knocked Up. Allison tells Debbie I want to use a guy to have to have a baby with. She meets Ben and uses him to have a baby. Later she tells him that she is pregnant and she planned the baby and lies to him that she has mistaken him for some guy named Igor. A few weeks later they marry in Vegas and after they get married they party in Vegas and Ben gets drunk. Then they fight and later make up and then the baby is born.
    By the way I am an aspiring actress and I would love to be in a Judd Apatow movie.

  12. tom P

    haha wow….a couple things:

    a.) Jessi you are a lunatic.

    b.) I’m psyched for this sequel, hopefully Seth Rogen is in it (although b/c of Katie Heigls comments & ensuing controversy, it may be difficult to write those characters in). But considering they were living together and went through what they went through, I feel like they’d have to be included. Hopefully Bens roommates show up (Segal, Hill & co.), at least for a short cameo, and it’d be nice to get some more Adam Scott, Ken Jeong, or Kristen Wiig. but I guess we should just wait for Judd to release more details!

  13. jessi

    I am so sorry for being a lunatic it’s just hard for me to like movies with ideas I don’t believe in.

  14. Jack

    Jessi… Hallmark movies? Why?

  15. jessi

    I don’t like hallmark movies even when they have good ideas. I don’t want to make you guys mad.

  16. ASFan

    Again, jessi, with this ‘good role model’ nonsense talk. First in a post about The Dilemma complaining about Winona Ryder’s shoplifting. And now here. You seem to have naive expectations about Hollywood. If you’re gonna go into Hollywood with these, Hollywood will chew you up and spit you out.

  17. Jack

    But why bring up Hallmark movies? I don’t understand how that fits in with any of this discussion.

  18. Rick

    I’m all for free speech, but let’s try to keep the ideological debates a little more on-topic

  19. Jon

    I agree Rick.

  20. Billycan Buffalo

    Late to the party, but I assume Jessi is young and just not aware of how people have babies… I’d say over half, and this includes married people, don’t plan the the pregnancy.

  21. jessi

    I know how people have babies. If I have sex and the guy is wearing a condom will I not get pregnant?


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