First Look: Carell and Ferrell Together on ‘The Office’

Friday, March 25, 2011
By Rick Duran
Steve Carell and Will Ferrell on 'The Office'

Steve Carell and Will Ferrell on 'The Office'

After revealing that Michael Scott will be moving to Colorado, NBC gave us a preview of “the new boss on The Office“: Will Ferrell. A 15 second preview during the end credits showed Ferrell and Steve Carell sharing a sudden embrace (after some hesitation from Carell, stuck in a moment of shock.) Here is the clip aired, our first look at Frat Pack stars Ferrell and Carell together again, courtesy of OfficeTally.

On April 14th, Ferrell begins his 4-episode arc on The Office, which will include one episode after Carell’s April 28th goodbye. Following what is expected to be a glorious crash-and-burn for Ferrell’s character, who will be “just as inappropriate” as Michael Scott, the show’s May 19th Season Finale will feature guest stars Will Arnett and Ricky Gervais. Nothing is known about Arnett’s character, but Gervais will return as David Brent, hisĀ  manager character from the original UK Office series. Brent briefly met Michael during a hallway encounter back in February, asking if Dunder Mifflin had “any jobs going.”

It appears Brent may still be unemployed after losing his job at the end of the original series in 2003, as Gervais has revealed he will be interviewing for Scott’s position on the Season Finale. Last month, Gervais blogged that he met with NBC executives and “recommended Will Arnett for a regular on The Office.” Currently, there is no information about whether Arnett or Gervais could pop up on The Office’s recently-renewed 8th season.

4 Responses to “First Look: Carell and Ferrell Together on ‘The Office’”

  1. Paul

    I think that we’ll see Todd Packer become the Branch Manager. Arnett plays cocky characters too much and Gervais would be way too celebrated. The show would crash and burn!!! The best fit would be Todd Packer, friend of Scott, and replenish the show with an original character, not creating new DUMB roles like Gabe.

  2. Kevin Crossman

    Arnett is about the “right level” of star to play the manager on The Office. BUT, I think he does play too many arrogant characters (including on 30 Rock) and I think recent seasons have shown that a character with more vulnerability would be better. Really hoping it’s Todd Packer.

  3. Laura

    I don’t like Todd Packer. :P

  4. Chris

    In the recent Entertainment Weekly they revealed Will’s character’s name will be Deangelo Vickers.


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