‘Everything Must Go’ Trailer Debut, Coming to Theatres in May

Thursday, March 31, 2011
By Kevin Crossman

Will Ferrell’s 2010 dramedy Everything Must Go came and went at the Toronto Film Festival last September, and didn’t make it’s expected holiday 2010 release date. However, Roadside Attractions has the film is coming to theatres in May. The film’s poster and trailer were released today and they both look great!

Adapted and directed by Dan Rush, and based on a short story by Raymond Carver, EVERYTHING MUST GO tells the story of NICK PORTER (WILL FERRELL) a career salesman whose days of being on top are long gone. The same day Nick gets fired, for falling off the wagon one last time, he returns home to discover his wife has left him, changed the locks on their suburban home and dumped all his possessions out on the front yard. Faced with his life imploding, Nick puts it all on the line - or more properly, on the lawn - reluctantly holding a yard sale that becomes a unique strategy for survival.

Everything Must Go One-Sheet

Everything Must Go One-Sheet

7 Responses to “‘Everything Must Go’ Trailer Debut, Coming to Theatres in May”

  1. Jack

    I saw this back at the LFF last year, it was ok, Ferrell gave a strong performance but it wasn’t the strongest of stories, and don’t expect a comedy because you won’t get one.

  2. Kevin Crossman

    The laughable jokes in the trailer aside, eh Jack?

  3. Well, I’d hardly say that the trailer was laughable. But the director at the screening stressed it was a drama with comic moments but not a comedy. Kinda Noah Baumbach style.

  4. Nathan

    Kind of like Cyrus

  5. Mario

    I loved this film. I’m glad it’s finally seeing a release. I saw it at the LFF, too, and along with Jason’s performance in The Switch and Zach’s in It’s Kind Of A Funny Story, Will’s was last year’s best in my book. They all made me laugh out loud, and even cry a little. They were fresh, honest, kept you guessing and engaged, but above all, they were quiet and nuanced. Unfortunately, quiet and nuanced never gets much recognition, or earns any money at the box office, or wins any awards. But that’s how I like’em…

  6. Mario

    Poster looks fine, what I don’t get is why they didn’t use the shot from the movie with him sitting in his couch on the lawn with all his stuff. That’s the movie in a nutshell. The director said that was the image from the short story that spawned the screenplay.

  7. tom P

    This looks surprisingly good. I’m a huge Ferrell fan & I liked his dramatic turn in Stranger than Fiction, so I’m looking forward to this. I also enjoyed seeing Glenn Howerton at the beginning. Aside from Mac on Lost and Sweet Dee on Curb, I haven’t seen much other work from the Sunny gang.


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