‘Your Highness’ Falls on its Sword at the Box Office

Sunday, April 10, 2011
By Rick Duran
Your Highness

Your Highness

Tough weekend for Danny McBride, James Franco and the team behind ‘Your Highness.’ The raunchy middle earth comedy opened at #6 with a disappointing $9.5 million. The $50-million budgeted film was panned by critics, while audiences graded it a “C”, according to Cinemascore. This was McBride’s first starring role from a major studio. He’ll be seen in a supporting role this summer in 30 Minutes or Less. Re-teaming McBride and Franco with their Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green failed to bring the audiences that turned out for their previous outing. Likewise, Franco and recent Oscar-winner Natalie Portman post-awards season star power didn’t bring much audience interest. Of course, Franco’s public persona may still be recovering after his universally panned Oscar hosting gig.

Meanwhile, Russell Brand had the top 2 spots at the box office. That would normally be a good thing, except his new starring vehicle, the remake of Arthur, debuted at #2 with a disappointing $12.5 million, almost a clear $5 million less than he did when Get Him to the Greek opened with $17.5 million almost a year ago. The Brand-voiced Easter Bunny family film Hop was #1 for the second week in a row, with $21.7 million, bringing its two-week total to $68 million.

3 Responses to “‘Your Highness’ Falls on its Sword at the Box Office”

  1. tom P

    I’ve got to admit, my interest in this movie has waned dramatically as of late, and I’m a HUGE Danny McBride fan. I will still end up paying the $10 to see it in theaters, but when I first heard about this & then saw the trailer, I assumed I’d be rushing to see it opening weekend. I’m a big Franco fan as well (his interview on the Colbert Report last week was hysterical), but something about the Sci-fi twist threw me off. Lets hope this has some decent staying power, because I’d hate to see McBride get skipped over for future roles.

  2. Rod

    But, is Your Highness funny? Critics, never like movies it they don’t fill all the aspects they’re looking for. Land of the Lost is a great example of this, it was a crappy movie, yes, but it was also very funny, which in the end is what counts

  3. Kevin Crossman

    Your Highness is far and away funnier than Land of the Lost.


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