Will Ferrell Vows to Shave Off Conan’s Beard on May 2nd

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
By Rick Duran
Will Ferrell on 'Conan'

Will Ferrell on 'Conan'

During a surprise appearance on Conan O’Brien’s “Fan Correction Challenge” routine, Will Ferrell submitted a video claiming to have found a huge mistake on the show: Conan’s beard. Ferrell vowed to shave the beard off himself, during his May 2nd appearance on Conan.

Whether this is serious or not, O’Brien hasn’t been seen without his beard since exiting The Tonight Show in January 2010.


Ferrell made several follow-up appearances, and now O’Brien has Tweeted about the beard shave. So, it looks like this is gonna happen come May 2nd.

6 Responses to “Will Ferrell Vows to Shave Off Conan’s Beard on May 2nd”

  1. Kevin Crossman

    Sounds like Conan is wanting to get rid of the beard.

  2. Sammy

    yeah, idk how i feel about a beardless Conan. Also Kevin, why havn’t you guys reported of the recent news about Apatow’s new Knocked Up Spinoff?

  3. Kevin Crossman

    What recent news are you referencing? A rumored title (”This is Forty”)? Not the biggest call to action for a new blog post…

    We did cover the initial reports of the film, including a comment from Mr. Apatow…

  4. Sammy

    oh the title was a rumor? I thought it was confirmed. Also wasn’t it reported Megan Fox was involved with the project?

  5. Kevin Crossman

    Sammy, we have some news on Apatow’s next film that we’ll be posting later tonight. You will not be disappointed.

  6. Rick

    I’m on Team Beardless Coco


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