Is this the Summer of Bateman?

Thursday, June 2, 2011
By Kevin Crossman
Jason Bateman on EW Cover

Jason Bateman on EW Cover

It’s hard to fault Entertainment Weekly for their logic at putting Jason Bateman on the cover of their summer preview issue. With two high-profile comedies coming out this summer (neither of which being a shot-for-shot remake of the first film in the series, either), Bateman would seem poised to be on screen in front of a lot of eyeballs. As noted in the cover story, Bateman starts the summer in early July with Horrible Bosses, which looks to be the breakout raunchy comedy of the summer.  He returns about a month later for The Change-Up, which is not a remake of last summer’s The Switch but another in a long-line of body-switch movies. Only this time the film is R-rated (”hard R“) and costarring Ryan Reynolds.

With most of the Frat Pack sitting out the summer, or relegated to animated voice work, sure seems like this is Bateman’s summer for the taking. After years of supporting work or in starring roles from films that nobody saw (Extract, The Switch), could Bateman make a Paul Rudd-like leap into comedy superstardom? He’s got the chops, that’s for sure. If the material works in these two films, and more importantly if audiences respond, this could well be the case. We’ll have to see how it turns out.

If this isn’t the Summer of Bateman, who else is set to rule Fratville this summer?

Steve Carell has the ensemble romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid Love coming in July. This film has been getting great buzz, but seemingly more for Ryan Gosling’s transformation into a comedic lothario than Carell’s neo-bachelor role.

Justin Timberlake seems to be finally capitalizing on his effective and popular SNL hosting gigs and is toplining two raunchy comedies this summer.  Bad Teacher stars Cameron Diaz and also features Jason Segel. He also has Friends with Benefits costarring Mila Kunis and Woody Harrelson (and likely also featuring Segel). But the box office prospects for both are not assured. Can Diaz open a raunchy film a decade after There’s Something About Mary? And will audiences flock to Friends after seeing the similarly themed No Strings Attached earlier this year?

Emma Stone is appearing in three films this summer. She has costarring roles on Crazy, Stupid Love and Friends with Benefits and a lead role in the drama The Help (based on the best-selling novel). The latter could be another star-making turn for the Easy A and Superbad star, but her comedic roles seem smaller. She does seem to have a lock on one of the key catch-phrases of the summer (”It’s like you’re Photoshopped” from Crazy, Stupid Love), however.

Looks like Bateman’s to lose. We certainly wish him well.

9 Responses to “Is this the Summer of Bateman?”

  1. tom P


  2. Kevin Crossman

    Why not him, Tom? Seems like a great accomplishment for Jason Bateman, no?

  3. Chris

    Love Jason Bateman. I gotta say, Horrible Bosses looks like a great film. Can’t wait!

  4. Rod

    He’s a great actor, and both movie look good, so I think I agree (Although Extract sucked. I laughed like once, and it’s a shame because it had a great cast)

  5. Rick

    Tisk tisk, Kevin. Not getting Tom P’s Arrested Development reference


  6. Kevin Crossman

    Oy vey, Rick.

  7. tom P

    Haha thank you Rick.

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