‘Crazy Stupid Love’ Poster Debuts

Saturday, June 18, 2011
By Rick Duran
Steve Carell

Steve Carell

We’re excited for Steve Carell’s Crazy Stupid Love to open, and Steve’s excited for… well, take a look at the poster and you’ll see why.

The new one-sheet poster for Crazy Stupid Love features a shocked Carell being seduced by a woman we’re assuming is Marisa Tomei, based on the film’s trailer. The leg silhouette is a nod to classic posters like The Graduate and Bachelor Party, with Carell’s face looking right off his much-discussed 40 Year-Old Virgin poster.

Crazy Stupid Love opens July 29th.


2 Responses to “‘Crazy Stupid Love’ Poster Debuts”

  1. Kevin Crossman


  2. tom P

    Steve is obviously the man, and I really like Kevin Bacon too, and obviously all three of those women are sexy and talented, but I’m just not excited for this movie. Seems way too heavy on the romance side of the romantic comedy. Since Virgin came out, I’ve only seen one of Steves movies in theaters, and that was Dinner for Schmucks, which I hated, despite being a fan of almost everyone involved.

    It seems the return of Brick Tamland is just a pipe dream at this point, so unless that magician movie is good(Burt Wonderstone?), I’m not excited about anything he has coming up. Bummer.


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