‘The Change-Up’ Opens. The Raunchiest Film Yet This Summer?

Friday, August 5, 2011
By Kevin Crossman

It’s been a great summer of R-rated comedies, with better than expected grosses for Bridesmaids, Bad Teacher, Horrible Bosses, and even (based on expectations and critical reviews) The Hangover Part II. Today, The Change-Up opens in theatres and it promises to be the most extreme seen so far this summer. The film stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, along with Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde.

There are some interesting box office politics at play here. Both Bateman and Reynolds are coming off $100 million grossers, but for Bateman’s Horrible Bosses that was a great number while for Reynolds’ Green Lantern it wasn’t at all (though there is still talk of a sequel). Will The Change-Up do as well as the previous R-rated comedies? Or, have the public suffered from comedy fatigue? We’ll find out where everything stands by Sunday.

If you’ve seen the movie, leave a comment below.  We also have some photos from the film’s premiere.

Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds

Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds

Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann

Olivia Wilde, cute as button

Olivia Wilde, cute as button

Judd Apatow, baked as usual

Judd Apatow, baked as usual

Entourage and Old School alum, Perrey Reeves

Entourage and Old School alum, Perrey Reeves

9 Responses to “‘The Change-Up’ Opens. The Raunchiest Film Yet This Summer?”

  1. ASFan

    The Change-Up is definitely not the most extreme R-rated comedy of the summer. That title belongs to The Hangover Part II.

  2. Kevin Crossman

    Horrible Bosses was a harder R than Hangover2

  3. ASFan

    How was Horrible Bosses a harder R?

  4. Pru

    I haven’t seen Bridesmaids or Hangover 2, but against Horrible Bosses this movie takes the cake in raunch. I could’ve done without the ‘lorno’ sequence. Blech!

  5. ASFan

    Bridesmaids definitely wasn’t as hard an R-rating as Hangover 2, Horrible Bosses, or The Change-Up.

    I’ll tell you this. The Hangover 2 had a fair share of frontal male nudity where a lot of people thought it was close to NC-17, while there wasn’t any NC-17 talk with Horrible Bosses. And generally the ‘hardness’ of an R-rating is defined by how close to an NC-17 it is.

  6. Justin

    deffinitly the ranchiest comedy ive ever seen scince the hangover part II. i mean look at the rating: rated R: pervasive strong crudesexual content and language, some graphic nudity, and drug use. thats already raunchy for me!!

  7. Murph

    If only raunchy meant funny cause Hangover 2 was nowhere near as good as Bridesmaids, Bad Teacher or Horrible Bosses. Based on the reviews raunchiness hasn’t helped The Change Up either. I’ll wait for 30 Minutes or Less next weekend.

  8. The Change-Up was definitely along the lines of Hangover II in terms of raunch though Horrible Bosses is close behind em. Check out my full review of “The Change-Up” here:

  9. Chris

    I didn’t find Horrible Bosses to be that raunchy at all. Only Aniston was dirty in the film and she didn’t even get naked. The Change-Up was the raunchiest and most disappointing comedy of the summer. I give it a D-. A few chuckles here and there and boobs everywhere all in a poorly written script by the guys who brought you The Hangover(but not really since Todd Phillips did a heavy rewrite on the original POS script). If you want laughs, go see Horrible Bosses, Bridesmaids, or wait for 30 Minutes or Less.


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