Jonah Hill and James Franco to Battle the Apocalypse with ‘Jay and Seth’

Sunday, September 11, 2011
By Rick Duran
Jonah Hill and James Franco

Jonah Hill and James Franco

While promoting his new drama, Take This Waltz, at the Toronto Film Festival, Seth Rogen has revealed that his directorial debut Jay and Seth vs the Apocalypse will also co-star fellow Team Apatow pals Jonah Hill and James Franco.
Rogen describes the  horror comedy (in which he co-stars with Jay Baruchel) as:

“A movie about a bunch of friends who are stuck in a house together as the apocalypse happens outside and they kind of barricade themselves in.”

However, as depicted in the 2007 short film, things take a sour turn:

“They think they’ve kind of survived the worst and then they realize they all really can’t stand to be around each other as they’re stuck in this house together.”

Rogen goes on to explain that Baruchel, Hill, Franco and himself will literally playing themselves in the film:

“It’s all our friends, luckily, and we all play ourselves in the movie. … I literally play Seth Rogen in the movie and Jay Baruchel literally plays himself in the movie and others — Jonah Hill, James Franco — they’re literally playing themselves in the movie. It’s a very strange movie, but it’s gonna happen.”

The roommate concept definitely brings back memories of the Knocked Up stoner home. The interesting spin is having the actors star as themselves. Should they go completely self-referential, surely there will be cracks about Rogen and Hill’s weight loss, as well as Franco’s Oscar-hosting flop.

As we reported yesterday, Rogen and his writing/producing partner Evan Goldberg plan to co-direct the film in February 2012.

3 Responses to “Jonah Hill and James Franco to Battle the Apocalypse with ‘Jay and Seth’”

  1. Kevin Crossman

    There could be good humor to be mined with the autobiographical versions, as you pointed out. But I sort of was looking forward to seeing the “thinly veiled” personas (ala Knocked Up’s “Jay” and “Jonah”)

  2. Chris

    Wow, this is quickly becoming my most anticipated comedy of 2012 or 2013

  3. mk

    Danny McBride and Craig Robinson have also joined


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