Judd Apatow Calls for Comedy Oscar Category

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
By Kevin Crossman
Judd Apatow

Judd Apatow

We kind of thought this meme would flame out quickly but it seems to keep going around and around, thanks in no small part to Judd Apatow who keeps fanning his own flames. In a recent appearance to promote the release of Bridesmaids on DVD/Blu-Ray, Apatow called upon the Motion Picture Academy to add a new category for Best Comedy. Since only five Best Picture winners have ever come from this genre, it seems like a good option for the people who decided that full-length Animated Film could have it’s own category.

Apatow has also mentioned this idea on his Twitter feed.

What do you think, Frat fans? With the expansion of Best Picture nominees there are certainly chances for comedies to be recognized even more than ever. Yet, nobody seriously considers comedies for the big prize. It certainly would make for a more entertaining ceremony…

25 Responses to “Judd Apatow Calls for Comedy Oscar Category”

  1. Chris

    He’s right. When you go back into the history of storytelling there were only two types: tragedy and comedy. It makes absolutely no sense why there isn’t a comedy category. Comedy has been around longer than special effects and animated films. These two film aspects have awards. How the hell doesn’t comedy?

  2. Chris

    My noms would be

    Horrible Bosses

    and I’d have to give it to 50/50. Although I believe that 50/50 should win Best Picture (so far) anyways.

  3. Jake

    Likely Nominations: Bridesmaids (definitely not) , Horrible Bosses (definitely), 50/50 (definitely), Tower Heist (maybe), The Hangover Part II (maybe), Change-Up (maybe), 30 minutes or less (maybe)…. Since 50/50 is more dramatic than any of those movies, Horrible Bosses would probably win…

  4. jessica

    Attention all people who visit the frat site write to Judd Apatow and say your an academy member try to talk other academy members into there being a comedy category. Way to go Judd Apatow you rock! One thing I also don’t like about the oscars is that they hardly nominate buddy films in the 8 main categories. I have been desperate for a comedy category before Judd mentioned that he wanted a comedy category. Why does the emmys seperate comedy and drama and the oscars doesn’t.

  5. Jack

    Midnight in Paris
    and probably Young Adult
    I think Midnight in Paris would win.
    I don’t think anyone in their right mind would nominate Horrible Bosses for anything (and I really liked the movie, but come on).

  6. Kevin Crossman

    Carnage is a comedy? I thought it was a talky-drama with maybe a few humorous elements.

  7. Carnage is very much a comedy (and a very funny one to boot).

  8. Stan Loffman

    Carnage is great… 50/50 is great… Our Idiot Brother is great…Midnight in Paris is great… Horrible Bosses is great… Bridesmaids is not so great… Horrible Bosses is WAY better than Bridesmaids, and could definitely be nominated; remember it’s a comedy category Apatow wants, not tragedy….

  9. Stan Loffman

    And why aren’t movies like 50/50, Carnage, or Social Network Frat Pack movies? Movies like that could make the Frat Pack more popular than Happy Madison (Adam Sandler’s Company)…

  10. Jack

    The Frat Pack is more popular than Happy Madison. Only Sandler’s movies ever prove to be remotely successful, Schneider, Swardson, Covert and most of Sandler’s sucky crew make huge bombs that people won’t touch with a ten foot pole.

  11. Mario

    I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves. I’m not a fan of the Oscars, but it’s called the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It honors excellence in each field as it pertains to filmmaking - not genres. The Best Animated and Documentary categories are not there as genres, but in their capacity as fields within these arts and sciences where it’s possible to excel in ways that differ from live-action films and fictional films, respectively. The fields in which you can excel in a comedy are exactly the same as for a drama: Direction, Screenwriting, Acting, Cinematography, Editing, Lighting, Set Design… In Animation and Documentary, other crafts and cinematic languages come into play, and should therefore be judged separately (as well as in other categories, where they overlap with the other fields). That said, I’m definitely sympathetic to the “Comedian at the Oscars” dilemma. The comedy guys must feel like the court jesters to the drama royalty every year. It’s like they’re in charge of making people give a shit about the awards they hand out to all these other people.

  12. Mario

    Why is everyone hating on Bridesmaids, by the way? I thought it was easily the best (and funniest) comedy of the year, along with Midnight in Paris and Crazy Stupid Love, if that counts, which I think it does… Remember, just because someone cries or shows actual human emotion, it doesn’t make it any less of a comedy. Then after that: Your Highness, Paul, and Friends with Benefits. These were, in my opinion, better than Horrible Bosses (in which Colin Farrell stole the show from the leads, in spite of my previous dislike of Farrell and high appreciation for Bateman and Sudeikis… and Day, sure), and waaaay better than The Change-Up, or any other film in contention here. The other comedies I’d rate would be Tower Heist and maybe What’s Your Number, which I thought wasn’t too shabby. I have not seen 50/50 yet, though, as it opens tomorrow here. Not seen 30 seconds or less either.

  13. Kevin Crossman

    I’ve watched Bridesmaids twice and while I think it had some good moments I didn’t find it very funny (Bad Teacher was way funnier even on repeat viewing)

  14. I think Bridesmaids is not just one of the best comedies this year but one of the strongest mainstream movies to be released, seen it about 5 times now and have been very impressed each time I watch.

  15. Vlad

    I agree with Judd, think it would make a lot of sense.

  16. AwesomeDude

    Mario is totally right , Horrible Bosses was Great but Bridesmaids is the best comedy of the year with excellent performances , specially Kristen and Melissa. I really liked Bad Teacher too but it wasn’t as good as Bridesmaids. If they don’t add a new comedy category for the Oscars I really look foward to Golden Globes nominations for the movie

  17. Rod

    At the very least, they could stop snubbing comedies

  18. Beth

    They been “nominating” 10 movies anyway the last couple years. Even tho they’ve still only given 1 award, they could nominate 5 dramas and 5 comedies… Same number of nominations but only 1 additional statue.

  19. Mario

    Just saw 50/50. OK, it’s definitely up there. I think Drive is the best movie of the year, but 50/50 is up there. It deserves all the attention, awards, nominations, favorable reviews and box office success it can get.

  20. Chris

    Drive is overrated and pretentious. 50/50 was a near perfect film. And Bridesmaids was the comedy with the best storyline, but Horrible Bosses was the most consistently funny.

  21. T

    Midnight in Paris and Bad Teacher were the 2 best. Bridesmaids was a close 3. Didn’t care much for Horrible Bosses.

  22. Rick

    Crazy Stupid Love is the best comedy I’ve seen this year

  23. Dale

    And what about Paul? I think It’s hilarious and really good but nobody named it

  24. Jack

    Coz Paul was pretty awful.

  25. Kevin Crossman

    Paul was awful? I don’t think so. I found it very heartwarming and funny.


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