Jennifer Aniston Deserves Better than GQ “Spread”

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
By Kevin Crossman
Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston in GQ

Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston in GQ

With the February 24 release of Wanderlust fast approaching, stars Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston are making the rounds to promote the movie. The film has been on our radar for some time for a host of reasons. First, anything Rudd does is something we pay attention to. Add the fact that this is David Wain’s follow-up to the very successful Role Models (also starring Rudd), that alone would make it one of the most anticipated films of the year. But, the pièce de résistance for Wanderlust has got to be Jennifer Aniston.

We’re unabashed Aniston fans here in Fratville. She’s been a comedic and emotional foil for nearly all of the Frat Pack stars, and has a long history of great work on both the small and big screen. Of course, she most famously made The Break-Up a huge hit while simultaneously dating Vince Vaughn (and heck even got the babaganoush to lose a few pounds in the process). She costarred with Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly and Owen Wilson in Marley and Me. She’s done great work with Frat Pack friends like John C. Reilly, Jason Bateman, and Jim Carrey, and even appeared on the 2009 Oscars with Jack Black. Now, she reteams with Rudd who she previously costarred with in Object of My Affection (and in an obscure television show you might have heard your friends talking about).

We all know how this works. The movie is made and the stars are obligated to promote the film. That in of itself is not unreasonable but with certain celebrities it is almost never about the movie but about but instead basically about gossip. And few stars must endure those kind of questions more than Jennifer Aniston. We all know why…

Anyway, here comes GQ, which at least had the sense to put both Aniston and Rudd on the cover. But, do you see how these two stars are treated a whee bit differently? Look close, you might miss it.

Yes, there’s comedian Rudd making funny faces. And there’s comedian Aniston… wearing nothing but a bra.

Nothing but a bra.

The photo gallery isn’t much better. There are more funny shots of Rudd being funny (Kicked in the nuts! Pretending to be a pervert!). And more sexy shots of our female costar wearing underwear.

As for the interview, I have only read the excerpt from the website. But if you thought the intellectual discourse would be raised you can forget about it.  Divorce from Pitt. Dating a new man (Wanderlust costar and Tropic Thunder scribe Justin Theroux). Baby rumors. Enough!  I am so Goddamned sick of this shit.

Wanderlust is coming out. Do I want to see it? Yes, of course. Should the average moviegoer? Perhaps. But what does Jennifer Aniston in a bra mean to average moviegoer? Surely there must be a better way to raise awareness?  (Though I must digress that I am not in love with the marketing of Wanderlust and the same film clips over and over again… Nudists and dick jokes get old people).

Not that the opinion of one little writer will change the trajectory of Hollywood. But I’ve had enough and had to get it off my chest. Please go see Wanderlust, but not because you want to see Jennifer Aniston semi-naked in a magazine.

A "modest" shot from GQ

A "modest" shot from GQ

8 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Deserves Better than GQ “Spread””

  1. Jon

    I’m guessing they’re working the angle of her character from horrible bosses

  2. Lucas

    Photo’s by Terry Richardson. That explains the tasteless pics.

  3. pru

    If you want to point fingers Kevin, I think you should point directly to Aniston. She posed for GQ in a spread more suitable for Playboy a few years ago promoting Marley & Me and a few years before that she was topless for the Man of the Year cover. Let’s not forget that infamous Vanity Fair interview (where she was also in a state of undress on the cover) where she talked about her divorce and all that other stuff which continues to this day. I’ll say at least in this interview it’s acknowledged that it is supposed to be silly and lighthearted and she is making fun of all the gossip, but no doubt she is aware it will keep her in the headlines and garner her more attention. And unless it’s cut out of the film, she goes topless in the movie too. It’s her choice.

  4. Rick Duran

    Yeah, I think with Aniston playing two sexed-up roles in two very raunchy R-Rated comedies in one 12-month span, the photoshoot isn’t exactly demeaning

  5. Chris

    Never mind seeing Aniston in just a bra. Not really demeaning. I am too tired of people talking about Brad Pitt or babies with Aniston, but she’s one of the biggest female celebrities. Looking forward to Wanderlust though.

  6. Mario

    I think Kevin is right, even if Aniston may have agreed to play up her sexuality. It’s a pattern that we see - or don’t see, I should say, as it’s so accepted it’s almost invisible - all over the entertainment industry: Men are funny and/or talented, women are sexy/beautiful. Just look at Conan. I love Conan, and he’s probably the least sexist man in show business, but he doesn’t do women any favors by sticking to the old, typical late-night introductions. He (and Leno, and Letterman etc) always introduces men as “the talented/the very funny/the always entertaining”, while women get to be called “the beautiful/the stunning/the gorgeous” - and the first minutes on the couch are ALWAYS spent talking or joking about the woman’s looks. And if a woman ISN’T introduced as beautiful/stunning/gorgeous, but “talented/funny/outspoken” it’s somehow implicit that she ISN’T or couldn’t possibly be considered beautiful or sexy. Which, of course, only reinforces stereotypical beauty ideals.

  7. Lucas

    @Mario: Agreed 100%!

  8. Jon

    Well said Mario, excellent observation.


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