‘21 Jump Street’ Poised for Big Opening Opposite Indie Comedies from Ferrell, Segel, Helms

Thursday, March 15, 2012
By Kevin Crossman
Jason Segel and Jonah Hill

Jason Segel and Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill’s labor of love, the theatrical remake of 21 Jump Street opens wide today. The action-comedy hopes to pull in big numbers from both young adults as well as older audiences who grew up with the series in the 1980s. Several notable costars including Channing Tatum, Rob Riggle, Nick Offerman, and Ice Cube will widen the appeal for a the film opening in north of 3000 screens.

Meanwhile, Offerman can also be seen in Will Ferrell’s Case de me Padre, an indie comedy filmed mostly in Spanish. That film opens on just 350 screens, so the box office is likely to be mild at best. Jeff Who Lives at Home, the Duplass Brothers’ follow-up to 2010’s Cyrus, is opening this weekend starring Ed Helms and Jason Segel. That film also opens in 250 theatres.

There’s no need to poll general audiences about their preference, but Frat Pack fans might be informed enough to seek out the indie releases this weekend. I’m actually really interested in all three films. If you’ve seen any of the movies this weekend, leave a comment below.

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4 Responses to “‘21 Jump Street’ Poised for Big Opening Opposite Indie Comedies from Ferrell, Segel, Helms”

  1. chris

    21 Jump street was pretty darn good. Went in never having seen the show anyway, but it still seemed incredibly fresh and played off a lot of the typical hollywood conventions of buddy cop films while making you care for the two leads. 4 beer mugs!

  2. Rick

    21 Jump Street was really good, a fine companion to Superbad. The laughs are so consistent and come at a really fast paced. Definitely one of Jonah’s best comedic roles. Really surprised by how funny Channing Tatum was as well

  3. Alex

    I really enjoyed 21 Jump Street. I would agree with Rick in comparing it to Superbad.

    Jeff, Who Lives At Home was a terrific film, in a very different way. Not so many laughs, but just terrific acting and really touching

  4. Kevin Crossman

    Loved loved loved 21 Jump Street. So aware of action-movie conventions and hit so many good beats similar to Superbad (though Brie Larson is no Emma Stone). Only thing missing was a “boop” at the end of the film. Really liked how they put the story together and totally left things open for a sequel. Some great turns by Dave Franco (James Franco’s brother) and Rob Riggle.

    An EXCELLENT cameo in the film, too…


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