Luke Wilson Talks ‘Anchorman 2′ and ‘Old School 2′ (Don’t Get Your Hopes Up)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
By Kevin Crossman
Luke Wilson in Anchorman

Luke Wilson in Anchorman

Luke Wilson doing press for his new movie Meeting Evil and the topic of Anchorman 2 came up during an interview with IFC. The Anchorman alum said, “Somebody just told me [about the sequel] last week I didn’t know about it, but I’d love to do it. But then I remembered, ‘Oh yeah, I lost both my arms in the last one. So who knows? I hope they bring me back.”  Wilson was not unrealistic about his limited chances of appearing in the sequel, even after waxing poetic about the talent assembled for the Anchorman Rumble scene where he appeared. “Will and Adam [McKay] are so funny that hopefully they write me in there. I might have to remind them”, the actor laughed.

Personally, I think Frank Vitchard’s story was basically finished in the first Anchorman. And inclusion in Anchorman 2 would really smack of stunt-casting. Though our Senior Editor Rick Duran told me he thought it would be funny to see Owen Wilson playing the arms of the character in the sequel.

Wilson also discussed the very remote possibilities of a sequel to Old School, noting that The Hangover basically was developed when Ferrell and Vaughn would not agree to terms with director Todd Phillips. It’s partially sad and to this author’s mind more than a little annoying that this is where Wilson’s career stands. It’s true that some of the actor’s choices haven’t been well-timed or thought-out (see: My Super Ex-Girlfriend), but I’ve loved Wilson a number of recent projects including Tenure, Henry Poole was Here, and the HBO series Enlightened. One hopes that Meeting Evil does well on with it’s current run via On-Demand services and also when it hits theaters on May 4.

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  1. Chris

    It would be funny to see his character back for a split second to see him lose his legs.


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