Vince Vaughn Rumored for Big Screen Remake of 70s Series ‘The Rockford Files’

Saturday, April 21, 2012
By Kevin Crossman
Vince Vaughn in Starsky and Hutch

Vince Vaughn in Starsky & Hutch

Deadline is reporting that Universal Pictures is preparing a big screen version of the 1970s detective series The Rockford Files, with Vince Vaughn attached to star and produce. Vaughn previously costarred in a remake of another 70s crime series, Starsky & Hutch.

The original series was created by Steven J. Cannell and featured James Garner as a detective that would only work on “cold cases” closed by the police. Rockford’s fee, “$200 a day, plus expenses” became something of a catch-phrase and focused on Garner’s ability to talk himself out of situations rather than using guns or force. He famously drove a golden Pontiac Firebird, which would often perform J-turns in car chases.

For those too young to remember the show, you can catch the pilot episode below. The show would traditionally show the crime being committed, then the client hiring Rockford - often from his RV on the beach. Rockford would also frequently romance his clients. The pilot episode features Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner (Garner sleeps with her in part four of the video). Fast forward to about the seven minute mark to see the Rockford character in action.

As far as TV remakes go, this looks like a good choice with Vaughn in the lead. In addition to resembling Garner in both age and appearance, the character’s focus on being a mix of sly and slimy seems to fit well with previous characters Vaughn has played. The series also featured Noah Berry as Garner’s father (a different actor played the father in the pilot) as well as Joe Santos as Rockford’s friend on the police force and Stuart Margolin as a con artist who sometimes gets his friend Rockford in trouble. ┬áSo, there is a good opportunity to cast some interesting characters/actors for the film. Unlike some vintage series, The Rockford Files has had a low profile of late, which probably means it will lack as much baggage for today’s film audience.

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  1. Bonnie

    If you get the station MeTV they air this show as well as a lot of older shows in the afternoon/evenings. I love this show and love James Garner. I support Vince in this role.


  2. G-Bee

    As far as looks go, Will Ferrell would be the perfect Rockford!


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