Spike TV to add ‘Old School’ to Guy Movie Hall of Fame

Monday, May 28, 2012
By Kevin Crossman

Spike TV has announced that Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson and director Todd Phillips of Old School will reunite when the film is inducted into the Guy Movie Hall of Fame during the upcoming Guys Choice Awards. The event tapes Saturday, June 2nd at the Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California and premieres on television on Saturday, June 9 at 9:00 PM ET/PT.  Old School follows previous Guy Movie Hall of Fame picks GoodFellas, Swingers, There’s Something About Mary, Fight Club and Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

This marks the first official reunion of the actors and director, and is notable for the inclusion of Ferrell and Vaughn who have in the past distanced themselves from the seminal 2003 Frat Pack film. The film of course spawned the Frat Pack nickname that some of you you might be familiar with. The trio of actors seemed to have bonded very well during the film, since Vaughn and Wilson filmed cameos the following year for Anchorman and Ferrell returned the favor for Wilson’s The Wendell Baker Story. Wilson also cameoed in Ferrell’s Blades of Glory.

A number of other notables appeared in the film as well, including Jeremy Piven, Juliette Lewis, Elisha Cuthbert, Seann William Scott, Perrey Reeves, Craig Kilborn, and Matt Walsh. No word on whether these costars will appear. One notable unable to attend will be Patrick Cranshaw who played Blue. Cranshaw died in 2005.

Will Ferrell, Todd Phillips, Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn in 2003

Will Ferrell, Todd Phillips, Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn in 2003

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  1. Hey, guys, it's Austin

    It looks like a lot of the Frat Pack is reuniting in many ways for the next two years!

  2. Benjamin

    You’re my boy, Blue!


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