Steve Carell Tapped to Play Killer in New Film from ‘Moneyball’ Director

Saturday, November 3, 2012
By Kevin Crossman

Carell Packing Heat in Get Smart

Carell Packing Heat in Get Smart

Steve Carell will play John du Pont, an eccentic millionaire who built a wrestling empire before killing wrestler David Schultz in 1996, in the new film from Moneyball director Bennett Miller. The film entitled Foxcatcher will also star Channing Tatum as du Pont’s brother, Mark Ruffalo as Schultz, Sienna Miller and du Pont’s wife, Vanessa Redgrave, and Anthony Michael Hall. The picture is now filming and is shooting for a Fall 2013 release date, according to the details from The Hollywood Reporter.

Du Pont was the heir to the family’s chemical company fortune and built a wrestling facility on the family estate called Team Foxcatcher. Motive was never proven in the killing, though du Pont displayed schizophrenic behavior.

The role seems like an interesting one for Carell, who flashed a few action muscles in Get Smart and Date Night, as well as doing fine dramatic work as a disturbed individual in Little Miss Sunshine. This does appear to be the kind of artistic stretching the Carell has done more of since leaving The Office last year.

Miller was able to deliver multiple Academy Award nominations and one wins for his last two films. The director scored a Best Director nod for the Best Picture nominated Capote, where Catherine Keener (The 40 Year-Old Virgin) was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Philip Seymour Hoffman won Best Actor. Moneyball also was nominated for Best Picture, tapping Brad Pitt for Best Actor and Jonah Hill for Best Supporting Actor nominations.

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