2012 Frat Pack Tribute Man of the Year

Sunday, January 6, 2013
By Kevin Crossman

Jonah Hill was chosen as the Frat Pack Tribute Man of the Year for 2012 after two consecutive years with “runner up” status.

Jonah Hill in The Watch

Jonah Hill in The Watch

Hill was the star and creator of one of the biggest comedy hits of the year with 21 Jump Street. He also turned in one of his best comedic performances in The Watch, where he got bigger laughs than two guys named Vaughn and Stiller who you might have heard of. Finally, the actor is winning raves for a hilarious cameo in Django Unchained. Hill’s career status finds him now as the only star on our list in demand by the biggest names in comedy (Stiller, Vaughn, Rogen), A-List leading men (Pitt, DiCaprio, Tatum, Wahlberg) and influential directors (Scorsese, Tarantino).

Read our Man of the Year page for all the details including a recap of all things Frat Pack in 2012:

5 Responses to “2012 Frat Pack Tribute Man of the Year”

  1. Benjamin

    Apatow called this years ago, can’t remember if it was a commentary or interview but he said that Jonah was going to be a huge star and he was clearly right.

  2. Rick Duran

    Whoa, good memory Benjamin!

    Found the quote: “Jonah is the future of North American comedy. My bet has been placed.” - Judd Apatow, 2006


  3. Benjamin

    2006? Didn’t think it was that long ago haha guess my memory is pretty good.

    “In Judd I trust” is my new motto lol

  4. Chris

    He did have a fantastic year. Not to forget, even though Moneyball came out in 2011, he received the Best Supporting Actor nomination in 2012.

  5. Don

    Steve Carell will be man of the year 2013, mark my words.


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