‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ Sequel in Early Discussions

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
By Rick Duran
Robinson, Duke, Corrdry, Cusack in Hot Tub Time Machine

Robinson, Duke, Corddry, Cusack in Hot Tub Time Machine

Let’s do the time warp again! The Hollywood Reporter has revealed MGM is in early talks with Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke about the possibility of returning for a sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine, in addition to original director Steve Pink. Star John Cusack is not involved with the discussions at this point. It is unknown if Cusack has turned down the project, or if he will be part of later negotiations.

The article mentions that talks have been underway for a few months and nothing in concrete yet. Should the project move forward, Corddry would write the script with Pink.  The film, which grossed a surprising $50 million at the box office, has become a profitable hit through home entertainment outlets.

The three stars involved in sequel talks have all seen their careers rise since the original premiered in 2010. Corddry won an Emmy last summer for his AdultSwim series Children’s Hospital, will be seen in the action drama Pain & Gain, as well as Steve Carell’s upcoming indie The Way Way Back. Robinson and Duke are both wrapping up the final season of The Office, with Robinson developing a new comedy series for NBC, which he would headline as a musician turned music teacher. Robinson will next be seen in Seth Rogen’s all-star comedy This is the End.  Duke will next be seen in the Jason Bateman-Melissa McCarthy comedy Identity Thief.

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  1. Benjamin

    Wasn’t Cusack a producer on the first one? Hard to imagine he wouldn’t be involved in the project. I hope he’s in it, the other guys were hilarious but you need that central and grounded character otherwise it could blow up in their faces. Plus without Cusack it’s hard to get Caplan back into the story and who doesn’t want to see her return?


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