‘21 Jump Street’ and ‘The Watch’ Lead Frat Pack Earmuff Award Nominations

Sunday, February 3, 2013
By Kevin Crossman

earmuff12Jonah Hill capped a banner year with his two 2012 releases led all nominees for the 7th Annual Frat Pack Earmuff Awards, site creator Kevin Crossman announced. Hill was recently named Frat Pack Man of the Year by the site and his passion project 21 Jump Street led all nominees with 20 total nominations including Best Picture and dual Best Actor nominations for Hill and costar Channing Tatum. Hill was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor for The Watch, which garnered 14 total nominations including Best Picture and a Best Actor nod for Vince Vaughn.

Two Will Ferrell films held the third and four slots in terms of nominations, but the slots might surprise some casual moviegoers. Ferrell’s experimental Casa de mi Padre, filmed entirely in Spanish, picked up 11 total nominations including Best Picture. Meanwhile, Ferrell’s mainstream comedy hit The Campaign only picked up eight nominations including Best Picture.  Though Ferrell was not nominated for Best Actor, he did pick up five nominations in total, including the memorable appearance as Ron Burgundy to announce the greenlighting of the Anchorman sequel.

Jack Black picked up the most nominations overall, including Best Actor and Best Dramatic performance nomination in the critically acclaimed Bernie. As a member of the rock duo Tenacious D, Black also scored nominations for Best Musical Moment and Best Multimedia Feature.

The Earmuffs continue to recognize the best of comedic cinema with important categories such as Best Catch-Phrase, Best Sex Scene, and Best Use of Drugs/Alcohol. One nominee is already a loser, since the Best Celebrity Cameo dropped Lance Armstrong (Dodgeball) as it’s namesake in favor of James Carville (Old School). Armstrong’s steroid bullying scandal resulted in a nomination in the category for Dubious Achievement.

The Earmuff Award nominations were selected by the editorial staff of the Frat Pack Tribute website, the leading online resource for the comedic actors who often appear in each other’s films. Once again this year, the winners will be selected by Fan Voting.

Most Nominations

  • 21 Jump Street - 20
  • The Watch - 14
  • Casa de mi Padre - 11
  • The Campaign - 8
  • This is 40 - 8
  • Seeking a Friend for the End of the World - 7
  • Wanderlust - 7

Most Nominations

  • Jack Black (4) and Tenacious D (3) - 7
  • Will Ferrell - 5
  • Jonah Hill - 5
  • Steve Carell - 3
  • Ben Stiller - 3

Other notes

  • Maude Apatow has more nominations (2) than either of her parents Judd Apatow (1) and Leslie Mann (1)
  • Megan Fox scores two nominations
  • Indie flop Casa de mi Padre has third most nominations overall and more than Will Ferrell’s hit comedy The Campaign
  • Will Ferrell not nominated for Best Actor for only second time in eight years
  • First Best Actor nomination for Vince Vaughn since 2007
  • Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch “snubbed” in Voiceover category

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Voting is now open. Each person can vote once before the balloting closes at 9:00 am PST on February 23, 2012.

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15 Responses to “‘21 Jump Street’ and ‘The Watch’ Lead Frat Pack Earmuff Award Nominations”

  1. ASFan

    Why does Steve Carell have a nomination for the Office when he didn’t appear at all last year?

  2. Kevin Crossman

    He did appear in an unbilled, nonspeaking role. See: http://thatswhatshesaid.libsyn.com/the-office-8-11-trivia-

  3. Check my sources? The eyes still work, last time I checked. If it ain’t Carell it’s some sort of genetic clone.

  4. ASFan

    Fine, you need to learn to double check if it is what you think it is. That better?

  5. Rick Duran

    I kinda believe NBC on this one. HOWEVER, it is peculiar that they wouldn’t release the name of the actor.

  6. ASFan

    But honestly, do you really think someone like Steve Carell would come back for something like that?

  7. Snafu24

    Carrel for The Office is stupid. It was recycled footage. He didn’t shoot anything new.

  8. Snafu24

    My bad.

  9. Snafu24

    Not my bad.

  10. ASFan

    So are you gonna remove that Steve Carell option or is it permanently stuck?

  11. Kevin Crossman

    Not going to remove it, ASFan.

  12. ASFan

    Not going to remove it because you can’t or because you won’t? If it’s the latter, I’m sure you’re wrong. I don’t think he would have done something like that.

  13. Kevin Crossman

    Won’t, ASFan. Look, it’s not like’s likely to win anyway, so please consider the matter closed.

  14. Mario

    Ooooh, controversy brews in this year’s edition of the Earmuffs! Why are you not milking this story for headlines, Kev?


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