Universal “Absolutely” Discussing ‘Identity Thief’ Sequel Ideas

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
By Rick Duran
Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman

Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman

With Identity Thief racing quickly towards $100 million (the film almost beat A Good Day to Die Hard at this weekend’s box office, a strong hold for its second week,) it’s no surprise that Universal Pictures would want a sequel.

Universal Chairman Adam Fogelson tells the Hollywood Reporter:

THR: What about an Identity Thief sequel? You’ve got a few projects in development with Melissa McCarthy.

Fogelson: Absolutely a conversation that we’re having. We think we created great characters, so we’ll discuss how to re-pair Jason [Bateman] and Melissa going forward.

Identity Thief has grossed $76.6 million in 2 weeks of release. And with McCarthy’s buddy-cop action comedy The Heat (with Sandra Bullock) viewed as one of this summer’s most anticipated comedies, it makes sense for Universal to lock in its principal stars as fast as possible.

3 Responses to “Universal “Absolutely” Discussing ‘Identity Thief’ Sequel Ideas”

  1. Mario

    Oh, God, no. I liked the movie, and it is doing well in this theater wasteland that is January/February, but a sequel would have to tank, right? The pairing was forced to begin with (storywise), and now they’re gonna do what, crack down on a syndicate of identity thieves? Are they going to keep assuming fake identities because the mob is still after them?

    No, wait, Batemans’s wife’s identity is stolen by a woman that actually looks like Amanda Peet and is a real criminal and bankrupts Bateman’s family completely, to the point where their house is repossessed and their kids kicked out of school, and the real Amanda Peet is facing jail, so Bateman, Peet and McCarthy get on the case - in McCarthy’s RV. With the kids in tow! And there’s gonna be this whole conflict of McCarthy taking over the mom role, and being a better mom than Peet. Are you taking notes, Universal?

  2. Jonas

    It’s all about money, honey…

  3. Kevin Crossman

    I am less negative at the thoughts of a sequel…


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