James Marsden Cast for Major Role in ‘Anchorman 2′

Friday, February 22, 2013
By Kevin Crossman
James Marsden

James Marsden

Deadline has reported that James Marsden (X-Men) has been cast in the Anchorman sequel, with director Adam McKay confirming later on Twitter. Sources are telling Deadline that Marsden will play a rival anchor and “nemesis” to Ron Burgundy and the rest of the news team. Marsden has played a variety of roles and while he’s most famous for his role in the X-Men movies the actor frequents comedy material having appeared last year in Bachelorette and also memorably appeared on 30 Rock. The actor also recently wrapped Walk of Shame with Elizabeth Banks.

Some have questioned Marsden’s comedic chops, thinking that someone like Danny McBride might be a better nemesis for Will Ferrell and company. But Marsden certainly has the good looks of an actual news anchor and in an early role actually played “male model” John Wilkes Booth in Zoolander. With the confirmed emphasis on musical numbers in the Anchorman sequel, it’s worth noting that Marsden effectively mixed comedy and singing in Enchanted opposite Amy Adams.

Director Adam McKay confirmed the casting on Twitter but was evasive on Marsden’s role, Tweeting: “James Marsden is in for Anchorman 2. Does he play Ron Burgundy’s brother Doug Burgundy? No he does not.” ¬†Which makes us wonder if there will be a Doug Burgundy. Maybe that’s a role for McBride?

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  1. Rick

    I guess it makes sense since the movie is rumored to be about an aging Ron Burgundy struggling to compete with changing media. Marsden has that young, sophisticated anchor look. I didn’t think much of his arc on 30 Rock, but if McKay showed us that Adam Scott could be hilarious, I’m sure he’ll do the same for Marsden.


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