‘iSteve’ Debuts as the First Steve Jobs Movie

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
By Kevin Crossman
Justin Long as Steve Jobs

Justin Long as Steve Jobs

Originally scheduled for release on Monday, the Funny or Die production iSteve was delayed as matter of respect for the victims in Boston. But the film has finally debuted as “the first Steve Jobs movie.”

Starring Justin Long, iSteve plays as a long and extended experiment. Despite the presence of many recognizable faces, the film is certainly produced with a modest budget. There are a large number of fantastical historical inaccuracies (Steve Jobs never had a thing with Bill Gates’ wife, for example), though as a fan of Apple over the years I had to laugh at Commodore’s Jack Tramiel’s treatment in the film. But the tone of the film feels right in many ways. From what I’ve seen of Ashton Kutcher’s Jobs I think iSteve might not be that much more historically accurate. Which is saying something considering iSteve was shot in five days and is debuting on a comedy website.

There are some notable performances, especially long in the title role. There’s even a sub-plot involving Long himself as an Apple pitchman. James Urbaniak (The Office, Homeland) steals the show with a fine Bill Gates impression and Jorge Garcia (Lost) plays Steve Wozniak as a sweet sad-sack. Along with some interesting special effects and a very unusual sex scene and you’ve got a film that is perfectly watchable even over 78 minutes.

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