Teaser Trailer for Vince Vaughn in ‘Delivery Man’

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
By Kevin Crossman
Vince Vaughn in Delivery Man

Vince Vaughn in Delivery Man

Fandango is sponsoring the first “sneak peak” trailer for Vince Vaughn’s fall comedy, Delivery Man. In the film, Vaughn plays a man who finds out he has 533 children due to a mix-up at the fertility clinic where he donated sperm in the 1990s. Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) also appears. ┬áThe film is a remake of the Canadian film Starbuck and is schedule for release on October 4.

In other Vince Vaughn news, check out the funny photo of some fans spotting Vaughn at Disneyland.


2 Responses to “Teaser Trailer for Vince Vaughn in ‘Delivery Man’”

  1. Rick

    True story: this little teaser got more laughs than the entire trailer for The Internship when both played before Hangover 3

  2. Pru

    Two Vince Vaughn movie trailers before The Hangover? That’s a bit much. I saw Delivery Man a couple months ago. I’m prohibited from commenting on it though.


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