‘Drunk History’ Set for Series Run on Comedy Central; Full Episode with Jack Black, Adam Scott, and More

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
By Kevin Crossman

Drunk History has been one of the best series over at Funny or Die, and the web series is moving to Comedy Central this summer. Host Derek Walters appears in each episode alongside a murderer’s row of comedy stars. Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Kristen Wiig and others are appearing this season starting in July.

Bob Odenkirk, Jack McBrayer, and Jack Black

Bob Odenkirk, Jack McBrayer, and Jack Black

Comedy Central has made a full episode available for preview. Three Washington D.C. stories are featured including one about Watergate with Bob Odenkrik as President Nixon and (in an ironic bit of casting) Fred Willard as “Deep Throat.” The second storyline involves the assasination of Abraham Lincoln (Stephen Merchant) with Adam Scott as John Wilkes Booth. Odenkirk returns for the third story featuring Nixon’s meeting with Elvis, played with aplomb by Jack Black. Jack McBrayer, Will Forte and Dave Grohl also appear.

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