‘Straight A’s’ with Luke Wilson is Worth Checking Out on Home Video

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
By Kevin Crossman
Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson

Straight A’s is an modest but effective family drama starring Ryan Phillipe, Anna Paquin and Luke Wilson and is now available on home video after a small theatrical release earlier this year. Thanks to good performances by the cast members as well as an interesting plot twist in the third act, the film is recommended especially for fans of Wilson.

The packaging of the film’s video release might give you the idea this is a romantic comedy but instead the plot centers around a trouble and estranged brother who re-enters the life of his brother’s family. Phillipe plays a drifter who is the younger brother of Wilson’s character, an executive at a real estate firm. Phillippe’s character previously dated Paquin’s character who is now married to Wilson. She likes her lifestyle but as indicated early in the firm there are cracks in the marriage. The return of Phillipe’s character challenges the status quo.

Director James Cox keeps the film moving, switching between scenes back home with Paquin and Phillippe and then to Wilson who is away from home closing a big deal. Powers Booth plays the estranged father who has issues with dementia as well as being haunted by the death of his wife. The performances by Booth and Phillippe are effective and Wilson continues to deliver effective performances as the frustrated everyman. Paquin, surprisingly, doesn’t really give a performance that indicates her feelings towards her husband and her long-lost love.

As indicated earlier, there’s a plot twist in act three that elevates this film from made-for-TV fare. Straight A’s is most definitely an indie production, but given the performances and the opportunity to see Wilson to continue to do great work, the film is definitely worth watching.


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  1. Chris

    You can watch it on netflix streaming for free with a subscription.

  2. Kevin Crossman

    Nice tip, Chris.

  3. Chris

    No prob.


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