Best Will Ferrell Celebrity Parodies on SNL

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
By Spencer Blohm
Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell

Today is Will Ferrell’s 45th birthday, and as a longtime fixture in American comedy, it’s only appropriate to have a good laugh in his honor today. During his comedy and acting career, spanning almost 20 years, Will has brought the laughs in a laundry list of roles that have included an elf, a racecar driver, a pimp turned police officer, an evil fashion designer, a male cheerleader, and far too many political figures to count.

With his film career in full swing right now, and the upcoming release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, I thought it would be nice to take a look back to where his career began on Saturday Night Live. Some of his funniest, and most famous, roles were his parodies of celebrities, so with that in mind here’s a list of the best celebrities parodies done during his time at SNL.

Robert Goulet
Will’s boozy, womanizing, apathetic interpretation of the famed crooner will live forever in the hearts of SNL fans as one of the best recurring characters in the shows history. His renditions of “Thong Song”, “Poppa”, and “Who Let the Dogs Out?” continue to be just as ridiculous and hilarious today as they were when they originally aired thirteen years ago.

Harry Caray
As the famed Chicago Cubs announcer, Will managed to take a relatively obscure pop culture figure (for those outside Chicago at least) and make him infamous. Will’s Caray had him as the host of an astronomy talk show where he would ask a string of irrelevant questions such as inquiring whether or not a guest would eat the moon if it was made of spare ribs.
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Neil Diamond
The Neil Diamond as played by Will Ferrell is a drug abuser, an alcoholic, addicted to porn, racist, sexually promiscuous, randomly aggressive, and a murderer. Choosing to paint one of America’s most popular and beloved singers as the antithesis of what we assumed him to be was a big risk, but the risk paid off with one of his most hilarious impressions.
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George W. Bush
Who can forget Will’s pitch-perfect portrayal of the former president during his 8 years in office? In between his smooth, Texas accent and his outrageous lines like “it seems that liberals and godless tax raisers are trying to make me look bad, by using such things as facts … and scientific data”, it was hard to not enjoy this parody, despite your political alignment.

Alex Trebek
Will played the uptight, overly serious Trebek surprisingly well considering his penchant for being over the top. It also helps that the constant back and forth between Trebek and frequent guest Sean Connery, and the latter’s never-ending penchant for mispronouncing things in sick ways kept things interesting in this recurring SNL sketch.

So, happy birthday to the man, the myth, the legend, Will Ferrell. If these clips don’t seem to satisfy your appetite for more Will, be sure to check out this clip where he promotes the upcoming Anchorman film which slated for release in December of this year. Just a few more months for you Ferrell fanatics!

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