Jack Black, Rob Corddry Added to ‘Sex Tape’ Cast

Friday, August 2, 2013
By Kevin Crossman
Jason Segel and Jack Black at I Love You Man Premiere

Jason Segel and Jack Black at I Love You Man Premiere

The cast for Jake Kasdan’s Sex Tape is coming to together, with Jack Black and Rob Corddry added to the cast according to reports from The Wrap. The film stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, both of whom starred in Kasdan’s box office hit Bad Teacher. Diaz and Segel play parents who try to spice up their marriage by making a sex tape, only to find the next day that the tape is lost. Corddry plays a loyal friend and Black plays the CEO of a porn company.

The casting of Corddry as the second banana is a good one as he excels in these roles (see: The Heartbreak Kid). Black’s role is said to be of the cameo variety, though I don’t have any hesitation spoiling it here since I have no doubt Black will be featured in the trailers for the film. Black and Segel costarred in Gulliver’s Travels which did excellent box office internationally.

It’s nice to see Kasdan’s career on the upswing again. I was very disappointed by the tepid response for Kasdan’s epic comedic musical Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Kasdan previously directed Black in Walk Hard as well as Orange County. Sex Tape is slated to shoot this fall.

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  1. Hey, this sounds as awesome as it is total news to me at all.. You guys haven’t promoted it on your website nor put it up in you upcoming movies list, have you? when is it dated to be in theaters? Love to see Corddry again, loved him in the Heartbreak Kid, Love Vegas or Hot Tub Time Machine.. BTW I must speak out a complement for your Website here, thanks for all the effort you put in it and delivering great stories and news.. best regards, Toby

  2. [...] and Rob Lowe (Parks & Recreation). Also appearing, but not shown in the trailer, is Jack Black (playing the CEO of a porn company). The film is scheduled for release on July [...]


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