“Buzz” Building for James Franco Roast on Comedy Central

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
By Kevin Crossman

The Roast of James Franco was filmed this past weekend, and clips and jokes are making their way to the internet. Hosted by Seth Rogen and featuring many of James Franco’s costars, the Comedy Central special will air at 10 pm on Labor Day, September 2nd. Following up on the well-received box office hit This is The End, Franco appears to be cementing 2013 as the Year-of-Franco by continuing to poke fun at his eclectic and mysterious persona. Franco certainly seems to enjoy the limelight but seems to have no hesitation to not take himself too seriously.

James Franco from the Comedy Central Roast

James Franco from the Comedy Central Roast

The clip below from Sarah Silverman seems to be representative of the humor we’d expect of a roast featuring luminaries such as Rogen and Jonah Hill. With these guys you know there will be plenty of marijuana jokes. Also appearing are Andy Samberg, Aziz Ansari, Nick Kroll, Bill Hader, and roast-regular Jeffrey Ross (who appears as Franco’s character from Spring Breakers, complete with cornrows and bikini babes). For those looking to be spoiled, EW has a list of some of the best jokes from the roast and some of them are ridiculously funny. It’s nice to see Your Highness and Judd Apatow getting some love from podium, too.

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  2. Kevin Crossman

    Seth Rogen is a gay stoner rapist. Or so says James Franco.

    This special was really hilarious. Bill Hader killed and Jonah Hill was another standout.


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