Unusual Oscar Campaign for James Franco is Underway

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
By Kevin Crossman

The always ecclectic James Franco won raves for a going method to play a mid-level gansta in this spring’s independent crime drama Spring Breakers. The film didn’t do great at the box office but certainly showed a different side of the actor who earlier this year scored a massive hit with the Disney hit Oz the Great and Powerful. There had been some talk of an (admittedly long-shot) Oscar campaign and that seems to have begun.

For your... Consideration?

For your... Consideration?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, A24 films is pushing Franco for a Best Supporting Actor nomination. With the tagline “Consider this Shit” it would seem Franco shouldn’t count on a return to the nomination list, yet considering recent Oscar nominations for Robert Downey Jr. and Melissa McCarthy, who knows. Some sort of Academy recognition would appear to be genuinely warranted given Franco’s increasingly well-received body of work this year. ┬áIn addition to the previously mentioned films, Franco appeared as Hugh Hefner in the indie drama Lovelace and of course was a major player in the raunchy hit This is The End. Franco directed and starred in the “docufiction” Interior. Leather Bar which appeared at Sundance and appeared in The Iceman as well earlier this year.

Franco will now move the festival circuit with another directing/starring role in Child of God, debuting at Venice and also coming to Toronto. Toronto will also see the premiere of Third Person, directed by Paul Haggis and starring Franco, Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde, Liam Neeson, and Adrien Brody. As I Lay Dying (another film directed by Franco) opened at Cannes earlier this year and is expected to see a release this fall. And if that’s not enough Franco will be starring in the action-thriller Homefront opposite Jason Statham and Winona Ryder opening in November.

It surely seems to be Franco’s year, especially as we bask in the glow of last night’s Roast of James Franco on Comedy Central. It was notable how much talent was on the stage with Franco. Despite Disney’s holding back of Oz clips from the special’s opening montage, it certainly seems incredible that Franco will end the year with something like ten films being shown including two massive box office hits and overall great reviews in his indie projects.

At the very least, Franco does appear to have the front-runner position for Frat Pack Man of the Year. Steve Carell appears to be the only other possible winning candidate, appearing so far in two comedies with two big releases coming on December 20. If Carell wins raves for the drama Foxcatcher and steals the show from his Anchorman cohorts then it might make for a healthy debate…

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