Final Season of ‘Eastbound & Down’ Starts Tonight

Sunday, September 29, 2013
By Kevin Crossman

tn-500_ebd_s4finalteaseart_mouthheatThe unexpected fourth season of HBO’s Eastbound & Down starts tonight. Danny McBride returns as anti-hero Kenny Powers who was last seen faking his own death after leaving baseball forever. This season, we see how Powers adjusts to domestic life and as the trailer below shows it seems that Powers is as hotheaded and egotistical as ever.

There’s also additional information about this season’s new characters, thanks to the Kenny Powers Fan Club.

  • Guy Young (Ken Marino): He plays Guy Young, an ex-athlete and host of Sports Sesh, a roundtable format sports show. Rumor has it he’s Kenny’s drinking buddy this season. Hopefully he does not end up like Shane.
  • Dontel Benjamin (Omar Dorsey): Omar will be portraying another ex-athlete (we are guessing football player), and panel member of Sports Sesh.
  • Gene the neighbor (Tim Heidecker): He has been cast to play Kenny Powers’ straight-laced neighbor Gene, who has zero sense of humor. Obviously this character does not stand a chance.

Additional characters and cameos are sure to pop up throughout the season, including Lindsay Lohan, as well as returning faves such as April (Katy Mixon), Steve Janowski (Steve Little), and Dustin Powers (John Hawkes).

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