‘Anchorman’ Promotion Starts with Ron Burgundy as Dodge Pitchman, Author. Does Studio Risk Overexposure?

Sunday, October 6, 2013
By Kevin Crossman

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay traded the goodwill and love for their character Ron Burgundy and finally got an Anchorman sequel greenlit last year. With a high-profile Holiday release coming up and expectations surging, the studio and creative principals are taking no chances with the moviegoing public not being ready for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and are already pushing the Burgundy character back into popular culture.

Earlier this fall, Ferrell appeared as Burgundy for some TV spots promoting MTV in Europe (our lack of coverage was indicative of our editorial feeling there was no “news” to report on). Now, Dodge has debuted a series of television spots for the Dodge Durango featuring Ferrell as Ron Burgundy. In this case, the promo spots are much more high profile and thankfully they do seem funny. We’ve embedded several below and if you like that material, there’s plenty more since Chrysler’s Chief Marketing Officer Olivier Francois said that 67 internet spots have been produced. As you can see, the spots also include prominent tags related to the film that opens on December 20.

Meanwhile, are you ready for Ron Burgundy, Author? Yes, it’s true, thespians. Random House will be publishing¬†Let Me Off at The Top: My Classy Life & Other Musings with author credit to the newsman himself. The book will be on shelves on November 19, and as you can see from the cover below Burgundy thinks he wrote a hell of a book.

As to whether this exposure will hurt or help the movie is certainly open to interpretation. Does anyone remember with fondness the Austin Powers ads for Heineken? Yeah, didn’t think so. But as long as the ads are funny then I guess it’s all okay. Ferrell certainly has an excellent track record with short-form video, notably starting video site Funny or Die and appearing in a series of bizarre yet hilarious spots of Old Milwaukee beer.

Ron Burgundy is on top

Ron Burgundy is on top

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  1. Forgot to mention the obvious commercial tie-in - Scotch - is apparently NOT in the cards. Leaving money on the table…

  2. [...] some great news for Dodge and for the film’s prospects. According to M Live, the Ron Burgundy spots for the Dodge Durango seem to be having an impact on foot traffic and even sales.¬†Chrysler Group LLC sold 5,120 Durango [...]


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