Final Episode of ‘Eastbound & Down’ Airs Tonight

Sunday, November 17, 2013
By Kevin Crossman
Kenny Powers is Out

Kenny Powers is Out

Tell me if you’ve felt this way before? Tonight HBO is airing the final episode of Eastbound & Down, retiring star Danny McBride and his antihero lead character Kenny Powers forever. Last year’s third season was supposed to be the last, including a finale where Powers’ character was assumed to have died before a last-minute reveal in the final seconds. But HBO asked for another season and show creators McBride and Jody Hill obliged with another great season.

I have to say that I have enjoyed this season of Eastbound immensely. One of the hallmarks of this show has been in the way that it has presented the very unsympathetic Powers in a sympathetic light. Sure, he’s a mean, selfing, arrogant egotist. But he’s surrounded on the one side by characters with even worse traits like this season’s key antagonist Guy Young (Ken Marino), as well as fame seeking sycophants like Stevie (Steve Little). Instead of being a commentary on the athletics sports heroes as in past seasons, this year the spotlight has focused on sports media with Powers getting a job on Young’s talk show. Marino plays passive-aggresive and slimy with the best of them and Young is perhaps the pinnacle of these characters. The show this season has also satirized “breastarants”, plastic surgery, and suburban lifestyles.

Who knows what to expect tonight. Powers’ wife April (Katy Mixon) has been pleasantly more present this season, and with the couple appearing to head for divorce one can only imagine the desperate acts Powers may employ. But is he willing to learn his lesson and temper his ego?  A preview of the episode is shown below.

Chapter 29: Preview

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