‘Anchorman 2′ Escalating Quickly; Rudd, Koechner Signing for Big Roles

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
By Kevin Crossman
Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana

Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana

Are audiences sick of Ron Burgundy and the anchor team? It’s a little too early to definitively say for sure but the first day’s box office seems to indicate not. The Will Ferrell sequel Anchorman 2 reported to have grossed $2.3 million on Tuesday and is on track for anywhere between $8-10 million for opening day. That would put it far ahead of recent Wednesday-opening hit comedies We’re the Millers and This is The End. Early estimates put it somewhere between $40-45 million over the first five days, with big box office days ahead during Christmas week.

Meanwhile, the positive reviews (77% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and big box office is positively affecting the stars of the film. Deadline is reporting that David Koechner is set a star, creator, and executive producer for a pilot order for a new comedy/variety show. “I am thrilled to be working with NBC to develop a dynamic hour of variety entertainment,” said Koechner. “I got my start working for NBC onSaturday Night Live, followed by a stint on The Office, and I’m happy to be back. As a husband and father of five, my vision is for us to create a show that engages everyone. I want it to make a mom, dad and grandmother laugh, while the 13- to 19-year-old stands behind the couch peeking over his iPhone, equally amused by the content.” Koechner’s on-screen persona has traditionally skewed adult/raunchy but it seems possible Koechner is transitioning to a more traditional form of comedy.

Meanwhile, the longstanding rumor that Paul Rudd will play the title character in Ant Man seems to be confirmed. Rudd has denied knowing anything about the “rumors” of the casting, but today Variety is reporting that the role is Rudd’s and that the star and studio are currently negotiating the details and salary. Rudd has certainly seems in good shape lately, so maybe he’s already been training for the role. See the video below with Steve Carell showing how bad a liar Rudd is about the Ant Man role.

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